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Notes about things regarding scuba diving that I have come to know.

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If you look around my site a bit you will see that I have a tendency to write web pages about things that are of interest to me. In some cases I hope they are helpful to others, in some cases it helps me find others with similar interests and sometimes it has been said that I just like to talk, or in this case do so as the written word.

This page is not about "How to Dive". Learning to scuba dive requires professional instruction under controlled conditions. The sport is dangerous without the proper training.

I am not an instructor or a dive professional in any way. When I began this project I was a first year diver with less than 100 dives logged as of August 2007 I am closing in on 300 recreational dives. Anything you read here should be taken for consideration since almost nothing about scuba diving is absolute and your circumstances are probably different than ours.

I have had the benefit of spending time with a number of instructors who have freely shared their thoughts on diving. I have also been fortunate to encounter some life long divers that I gratefully count as mentors. In addition to this I have been an active member of ScubaBoard, an online discussion forum dedicated to scuba diving and related topics. Since June 2004 I have had the benefit of reading advice from many seasoned divers and instructors who take the time to share their knowledge and experience. In addition to reading participation causes you to visualize situations and the process of posting a question comment or answer is in its self a learning process.

My goals as a diver are to be safe, competent and a good buddy. If I am someday appreciated by some new divers as a mentor I will consider myself successful. I continue to dive with a spirit of continuous improvement and encourage that attitude in others.

This page is my attempt to capture some of those lessons and share them with other aspiring or evolving divers. For now they will largely be essays, with time I will embellish them with images. In other words this site is notes about things regarding scuba that I have come to know.... SCUBA Knowtes.

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