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This Page is devoted to specific quotes and lyrics that I've come to be fond of. There is no specific theme to them, except that they all mean something to me. I hope you find something here that you just never quite noticed before and that you enjoy it. Wav files are 8 bit monoral to keep the size managable.

"Even a broken clock is right twice a day."
A Newsgroup poster going as Buttlint..
"Whatever happened to homes as opposed to houses"
"Sour Suite......The Guess Who
"Life is an ongoing project."
ACE Hardware Stores comercial, 2000..
We reach our dreams by dreamin'
Even when we loose our way
"We Make the Road by Walking" by......Steve Romanoff

I'll have you know she can melt the snow
With the summer sunshine glowin' from her smile
"County Girl" by......Steve Romanoff

100% of the shots you don't take don't go in (the net).
Wayne Gretzky
Visions of the world colored with hopes and memories, characteristically wistful and brimming with promise they are the hands that shape our future.
From an activity room wall at Massabesic High School, S.A.D. 57, Waterboro, Maine
It is one grand illusion if you start believing you can be totally dedicated to the demands of your job without shortchanging... your family.
Brandon Tartikof
Sometimes you try to do something too hard and it don't go good. You gotta get away from it for a while and then it don't seem so bad.
Roger Gonneville

There are always options!
Star Trek Next Generation.........Lt. Commander Worf
NO! Try not. Do, or do not, there is no try.
Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back.........Yoda

Music without memories is just noise.
NPR Weekly edition, Sept, 1996.........Digital Dan Morris
Memories are dreams of precious things, they are always there when you need them most.
Bonanza.....Ben Cartwright
There will be children with robins and flowers.
Sunshine caresses each new waking hour.
"A Beautiful Morning " by......The Rascals GET THE WAV...170K
Walks in the country, sleeping bag weekends and fumbling in the night......
"Goodbye Old Buddies" by.....Seals and Crofts
WAV coming soon.....i hope

New born eyes always cry with pain, when they first look at the morning sun.
"Fool" by..... Chris Rea GET THE WAV...97K
She comes out of the sun in a silk dress running, like a water colour in the rain.
"Year Of The Cat " by.....Al Stewart GET THE WAV...113K
I need a country woman for my wife. I'm city born but I love the country life.
"Castles in the Air" by.....Don McLean GET THE WAV...121K
We heard about a story down the road a ways. With luck we'll come across something more interesting along the way.
The road is bending, I wonder what's around the bend?
"Charles Kuralt" from "ON THE ROAD"
And believe the sun will rise with the dawn.That's all you need to go on.
"Keep The Fire" by.....Kenny Loggins GET THE WAV...237K
Cause on our first date we were making out in the rain, and in this car our love went much to far.
It was as exciting as thunder, tonight I wonder where you are.
The windshield wiper seemed to say together, together, together, together.
"Rhapsody In The Rain" by.....Lou Christie GET THE WAV...344K
TAXI the Harry Chapin Story I guess it's a sequel to our story
From our journey 'tween heaven and hell
With half the time thinking of what might have been
and half thinkin' just as well
I guess only time will tell.
"Sequel" from "Sequel" and re-released as "Remember When the Music" by.....Harry Chapin GET THE WAV...453K
I've seen the bottom
And I've been on top
But mostly I've lived in between
And where do you go
When you get to the end of your dream?
"Nether Lands" from "Nether Lands" by.....Dan Fogelberg GET THE WAV...182K
All my life, without a doubt I give you
All my life, now and forever till the
Day I die, you and I will share

All the things this changing world can offer
So I sing, I'd be happy just to
Stay this way, spend each day, with you
"All My Life" from "Silent Letter " by.....America GET THE WAV...411K
There's no hope....but I may be wrong.
Pete Seger
From near the chapel at StoryLand, Glen New Hampshire, USA

Deep within every mans soul lies a secret place, a hideaway, where rainbows appear and fantasy runs free. Beyond the limits of age this park expresses fully to every visitor the wonder, the hopes and the dreams that live in childhood and truly remain forever. Story Land invites you to open your heart to see the world simply and to look at the grandeur of the universe with the freshness and the excitement of youth.

Where there are smiles: and where there are smiles there is joy: and where there is joy there is love: and where there is love there is the hand of God.

Richard Chaput

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