Were it not for a strange sequence of events this little page would not exist but life has a way of stringing things together in a serendipitous way. I guess it begins with my favorite music group, America. They were going to be playing here in Maine in July of 2002 and I began paying attention to their website just to see what was happening. There was mention of another artist named Jeff Larson, on the message board, members of America had collaborated with him. That was enough to get my interest.

I went to Amazon.com and found this recent release by Larson, "Fragile Sunrise" . After listening to a few online samples I was hooked. It wasn't too long before I ordered the CD and when it arrived I wasn't disappointed that's for sure. Now if you've been to my "Hills Beach" Gallery
you understand my affinity for places along the ocean. There was a song titled "Half Moon Bay" a mellow number that that painted a picture of young love in an oceanfront community. The connection to the subject matter was surpassed only be the way this song kept running through my head.

A few weeks latter it was off to Santa Clara California for a business conference. While getting ready for my first day on the west coast in 20 years I heard the weather reporter mention "Half Moon Bay" as she ran down the expected high temperatures for the day. It was mid November and we were enjoying unseasonably warm high temperatures in the low 70s. Could this be "the" Half Moon Bay? On a latter forecast I caught the map and it looked to be nearby.

At noon I stopped by the Hotel Concierge and got a map of the region. Sure enough it was up the highway and over the Santa Cruz Mountains. I needed to check my schedule. Sure enough on day 3 I had about 4 hours in the middle of the day with nothing planned, It would be a long wait.

Well to make a long story short we made the trip and I wasn't disappointed. It reminded me of many small coastal towns here in Maine, there were two obvious differences. One was the Spanish influence on the architecture. The second took a few minutes to realize. The sun was coming from the wrong side!

Anyhow I hope you enjoy these few pictures we all need a "Hills Beach" or a "Half Moon Bay" in our lives. Each image below is a link to a larger copy,

These images may be copied for your personal enjoyment but may not be republished or distributed nor used in any fashion for personal gain without my expressed written permission.

"So come again to see the sights, it's warmer in July."
Lyric from Half Moon Bay, Jeff Larson

"Three quarter moon in Half Moon Bay, swearing it was full."
Lyric from Half Moon Bay, Jeff Larson

You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant.

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