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I have intentionally limited the eye candy on my camping page so that load times would be reasonable, then again there are times when a pictire is worth a thousand words. With that in mind I have created this page, sort of a picture annex to my camping page.
This is a shot of the Woodlands 6 person tent from a 1997 LL Bean catalog. We have a pair of the 4 person models, they are very comfortabe for 2 people with gear. There is also an 8 person model.
These are our 2 tents set up side by side.
This is a shot of our galley.
This is another shot of our galley.
A fireside tarp that saved a weekend, this became the "living room". The tarps edge was set back from the fire but once the fire was going the gentle rain didn't bother it. The pitter patter of the rain on the tarp while we sat in front of a crackling fire was kinda romantic.
Here is a shot of the site when we set up the works.
Here's the works on a different site.
Here's a shot of our gear trailer dubbed the CAMPMASTER 2000.
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