Belle's Parmesan Biscuits for Dogs

This recipe comes from Lisa and her pack at OLiver's Brownies. Lisa bakes and sells her all-natural fresh liver brownies as a fund-raiser for her Great Pyrenees/Beardie rescue, Oliver's House. If you're too busy to bake or it's too hot to turn on the oven, Lisa can rush a cooler full of frozen, ready-to-thaw-and-enjoy brownies to your door.

Mix all dry ingredients together.

In small bowl, beat two eggs. Add 1/3 cup canola oil. Add 1/3 cup HOT water.

Add well-beaten wet ingredients to the center of mixed dry ingredients and mix by hand, then knead into a ball.

Roll out to the thickness you desire and use cookie cutters (or a flour-coated water glass) to cut out cookies. Place on parchment lined baking sheet and bake at 300 ° F (149 ° C) for about 30 minutes, until they are lightly browned.

Turn off oven and leave cookies in the oven overnight to cool. Serve right out of the oven the next A.M.

If you'd rather not do all the rolling and cookie cutting, you can make biscotti by forming two loaves on the parchment paper. Cut before baking for the 30 minutes. After baking, separate and lay each piece flat on paper in oven and bake for 10 more minutes, thend leave in oven overnight.