Frosty Paws (Three Recipes)

Tthese recipes can be halved, doubled, or multiplied as necessary.

Frosty Paws #1:

Add ingredients to food processor or blender and mix until smooth. Pour into small (3 oz.) paper cups or ice cube tray and freeze.

Remove cups before serving.

You can use plain or vanilla yogurt and flavor it with honey and/or peanut butter, in the same amounts as in Version #2 below.

Frosty Paws #2:

Blend all ingredients together. Pour into small paper cups and freeze.

Remove cups before serving.

Frosty Paws #3:

In blender or food processor blend banana, add peanut butter and blend. Add
yogurt and honey or molasses, blend.

Fill paper cups (or make ice cubes) 2/3rds full. Freeze till solid.

Use your imagination, hide a cookie or bacon bits, or maybe a carrot in the