At the Rainbow Bridge: Duncan the Wonder Dog

Duncan (Starisles Silly Wizard, PT, CGC) was a former rescue Beardie who came to live with me in July of 1991. It took plenty of time, training, and patience, but he blossomed into a happy, bouncy little slate dude with a great zest for life (and pizza). He also turned out to possess quite a bit of promise as a herding dog, and acquired the nickname "the Herdin' Dude."

Duncan's great love (besides pizza) was working the sheep; however, he was a wonderful obedience dog. He was a graduate of Piscataqua Obedience Club's basic course and attended competition obedience classes at It's a Dog's World. He would have enjoyed competitive obedience as a "retirement hobby," but nothing else would have been as fun for him as working the sheep.

If you asked him, he'd tell you that he was Not a Dog. He never really quite understood why I would even have Mere Dogs in the house. He had the personality of a tweedy little old professor in a gray fur suit. In his younger days, he was often invited to parties, and I was allowed to attend since I gave him rides everywhere.

Duncan and I had a dozen years together, and I wish we could have had another dozen. Sadly, even the stoutest of hearts reaches its end eventually. I had to bid goodbye to him in July of 2005, and to this day I dream about him almost every night. I miss you, Bud.

Want to see more pictures of Duncan?

Duncan poses on the agility course
"Samurai Beardie" takes on the woolies for the very first time!
Duncan, Camp Beardie All-Star!
Duncan in the snow