Beardie Coolers

Lynne (mom to Glenna) made these every year for Bryna's Birthday Bash. The Bash was a National Capital Bearded Collie Club tradition, in which Beardies and their people gather at Lynne's house. In lieu of gifts, Bryna accepted donations to the Beardie-related charity of choice (such as Beardie Rescue or BeaCon). She also accepted DNA samples for the AKC Canine Health Foundation, in hopes that the CHF can help discover and perhaps even eradicate heritable diseases in purebred dogs.

Here is a special summer treat I make for Bryna:


In about a 2 qt pan, put the bones, and add enough water to cover the bones. Bring water to a boil; continue to boil for at least 10 min. (More time is ok, for a richer broth.)

Remove bones, and return any beef marrow to the liquid, along with any meat that you can get off the bones. Cool the broth to room temperature. Pour liquid only into 2-4 ice cube trays. Chop up the marrow/meat/gristle into little bits, and put them into each section of the tray. Freeze solid. Serve 2-3 cubes to your beardie on a very hot day. (Not too many if you made the broth very rich with extra bones or lots of marrow.)

Drink the beer yourself, while your dog enjoys the beardie coolers.