At the Rainbow Bridge: Cadence

Cadence (Beau Chien High Cadence, CD, PT, CGC, registered Therapy Dog) came to live with Duncan and me in May of 1995, when his co-owners Jody and Terry Workman of WayToMe Bearded Collies considered placing him in a quieter home. We "met" through BDL, exchanged information, and decided that maybe Mister Wonderful might like to retire to Maine from Florida. When Cadence arrived at the airport, it was love at first sight. It remained that way every single moment. There will never be another one like him.

Cadence was a dog who could do anything: obedience, agility, lure coursing, herding, therapy — you name it, and he'd try it. His favorite sport was soccer, though. When we lived near a school, he would stand outside the fence during soccer practice and "Roo, roo!" at the kids. He wanted to play, too! One of his favorite toys was a soccer ball I bought him one year for his birthday. He also enjoyed herding radio-controlled cars around the school parking lot, riding the merry-go-round on the playground, catching Frisbees, and running on the beach. He also liked to climb, and enjoyed being on top of things: picnic tables, large rocks on the beach, and tall snowbanks.

Quite frankly, he was The Perfect Dog. He was smart, talented, as mellow as Beardies come, well-behaved, and very loving. Everyone adored him: Beardies, people, and other dogs.

Jody has sent some wonderful notes about Cadence's adventures:

Sadly, Cadence padded quietly off to the Rainbow Bridge early in the morning of 1/2/97. He had just turned nine years old (his birthday was 12/26/1987). We didn't know he had a hemangiosarcoma; when he suddenly collapsed, I rushed him to the doggie ER. He walked in on his own four paws, and came out in a little can. He was the best dog in the world, and he left behind two grieving families, his little brother Duncan, and a huge hole where my heart used to be. Goodbye, Mister Handsome.

Lynne Corn wrote a lovely eulogy for Cadence on Beardies-L (now BeardieList).

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