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We Are Blog Dogs

Dog Show Newbie chronicles the story of what happens when a long-time Beardie owner and performance fan (me) decides to get involved in the conformation side of things. Now that we have Rowan, I suppose we are no longer Dog Show Newbies — but I intend to keep the name of the blog and revive it to chronicle our adventures. People would probably rather read Dog Show Newbie than Old, Crusty, Jaded Dog Show Hanger-On. The blog has been moved to its own WordPress site and sports a nifty cartoon header thanks to Michele Trifiro.

Shaggy Dog Stories is being repurposed at the moment, but you can visit the existing content to read product and book reviews. I tried for a while to be a real, honest-to-goodness Pet Blogger, but it just wasn't for me. I'll salvage the actual Shaggy Dog Stories from the content and re-create the blog at some point.

The general-purpose blog at http://saltysheepdog.blogspot.com still exists, but it's kind of cobwebby at the moment.