Electronics Links

Here's a selection of manufacturers' and distributors' sites, surplus dealers, and useful information pages for engineers and hobbyists:

(1) Manufacturers

National Semiconductor
RF Monolithics
RF Microdevices
more info on RF Microdevices


(3)Surplus Dealers

EiO Very neat stuff, excellent documentation and hypermail forums on a number of technical subjects. Hobbyists' Heaven!

Halted Specialties, Inc Home of the "Cool Gizmo of the Month," there is some unique stuff at this place, as well as a variety of more run-of-the-mill stuff for the hobbyist's bench.

BG Micro Another surplus dealer with a good selection and online as well as printed catalogs.

Surplus Sales of Nebraska The best place I've ever found for HAM radio parts, especially for the home builder. This place rocks!

(4)Information Sites

Tomi Engdahl's Electronics and Computers Information Site One of the best places on the web for technical information, Tomi provides a plethora of useful information in an easily-perused form. Very cool site!

ARRL-- The American Radio Relay League. The preeminent amateur radio association, they provide high-quality services, publications, and advocacy for HAM radio. Their publications are tours de force of clear writing style, crucial information, and high production values. Also of interest to the electronics hobbyist is their ARRL Radio Designer, a computer simulation program especially designed to support radio component and systems design.

Their flagship journal is QST. It kicks butt!

(5) Neat hobby sites

The Poor Man's Spectrum Analyzer, by Science Workshop, is an educational and useful project to build. You can build the basic device and then, if you wish, add on, giving you a simple, inexpensive spectrum analyzer that will work up to 1.5 GHz. There is a kit to add a marker generator to the analyzer as well!

Bill and Jack's Video and Robots Page has some neat surplus stuff, including some very good deals on 4" LCD panels.

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