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  1. If a previous version of the AddOn you wish to install is already installed it is best to delete it. It will be found in the <World of Warcraft>\Interface\AddOns\<AddOn Name> folder. Some AddOns also install files to the <World of Warcraft>\Interface\FrameXML folder. These should be removed as well.
  2. Extract the AddOn's archive to your <World of Warcraft>\Interface folder. Make sure "Use Folder Names" is checked. This will insure the AddOn is exctracted to the correct sub folders (Usually AddOns\<AddOn Name>).
  3. Start WoW or if you are in game type /console reloadui
  4. To insure the AddOn is extracted correctly press the "AddOns" button that is found in the bottom left corner of the Character Selection screen.
Mod Version WoW UI Version Date Description Picture Archives Requirements
QuestFade 1.7 1600 2005/07/19 This is a minimalist AddOn to remove the quest text fade-in delay without being packaged with other features.   [zip] [rar] None
TargetFrameHealthText 1.5 1600 2005/07/19 The TargetFrameHealthText AddOn adds a target's health percent to the target window. If you used the HealthText AddOn completly uninstall it before installing TargetFrameHealthText. Target Percent with Hp Fade by Evilen is a combination of TargetFrameHealthText and Health Fade. [zip] [rar] None
PlayerFrameHealthText 1.5 1600 2005/07/19 The PlayerFrameHealthText AddOn adds the player's health percent to the player window. There are some issues with the text automatically hiding when the inventory is opened. It will be on top of the normal numbers. If you have a suggest to fix this, please email me.   [zip] [rar] None
TargetLowestGroup 2.2 1600 2005/07/19 The Target Lowest Group AddOn provides eighteen script functions for use within macros to target the group member with the lowest health by percentage or by hit points as well as the existence of buffs/debuffs. LowestParty functions will only target party members. LowestRaid functions will target raid members but will not work if you are in a single group. LowestGroup will choose Raid/Party as applicable and will always work. See the Macros and Scripts for details on their use.   [zip] [rar] BuffStatus
ChatFade 1.1 20000 2006/12/11 Removes the text fadeout on chat windows.   [zip] [rar] None
SunderThis 2.6 20000 2005/08/11 Sunder This is an AddOn for Warriors. It puts a small line of text above the target frame. SunderThis can show how many times the target's armor has been sundered and/or how much it has been sundered for. There is also an option to display the approximate time remaining but because of the UI events available this time is often off. The frame can be repositioned by dragging it with the mouse. See /sunderthis for details about reseting and locking the position as well as setting up the display format. Sunderthis is localized for US and DE versions of the game. It will not work in other locales. If you are interested in translating please contact me. Thanks Wachunga for improvements. [zip] [rar] BuffStatus
BuffStatus 1.7 1100 2006/04/09 Buff Status is a utility AddOn that provides two functions to gather information about a unit's buffs and debuffs. See the Macros and Scripts section for more details.   [zip] [rar] None
Logger 1.9 1600 2005/07/19 Logger is an AddOn that logs all chat messages to your SavedVariables.lua file. Type /logger to toggle it. At this time this AddOn is NOT recommended for everyone because of the technical maintinence issues. Included in the archives is the file LoggerSave.lua. This is an external LUA program that will extract the information and put it into an external text file. More details about this process are found in LoggerSave.lua. LUA binaries can be found here.   [zip] [rar] None
ChatFrame 1.4 1600 2005/07/19 ChatFrame is an AddOn that moves the ChatFrame scroll buttons from floating on the left or right of the ChatFrame to a standard scrollbar look. The AddOn also includes a background graphic for the ChatFrames. MyUI [zip] [rar] None
MoreShards 1.5 1600 2005/07/19 Ever group with that Warlock who never has shards? Send them to download this AddOn! It will shape them up in no time if they follow the directions it gives!   [zip] [rar] None

Macros and Scripts
Name Description Requirments
Bandage If a friendly player is targeted, bandage them. Otherwise bandage the player without switching targets. This macro can be used for any items or spells similar to bandages. Thanks Anavar for improvements. None
/script if GetContainerItemInfo(4,1) then UseContainerItem(4,1); if not UnitIsFriend("player","target") then SpellTargetUnit("player"); end end
Sharpen/Poison Sharpen/Poison your weapon(s). Add a second macro to sharpen a second weapon. Slot 17 is the offhand slot for PickupInventoryItem(...). Remove ReplaceEnchant() if you still want to be prompted about overwriting previous temporary weapon buffs. Thanks Anavar for improvements. None
/script if GetContainerItemInfo(4,2) then UseContainerItem(4,2); PickupInventoryItem(16); ReplaceEnchant(); end
TargetLowestPartyMemberByPercent, TargetLowestRaidMemberByPercent, TargetLowestGroupMemberByPercent Cast a spell on the party member with the lowest health if they are below 60%. TargetLowestParty
/script if TargetLowestPartyMemberByPercent() < 60 then CastSpellByName("Spell(Rank X)"); end
TargetLowestPartyMemberByHealth, TargetLowestRaidMemberByHealth, TargetLowestGroupMemberByHealth Cast a spell on the party member with the lowest total health. TargetLowestParty
/script TargetLowestPartyMemberByHealth(); CastSpellByName("Spell(Rank X)");
TargetLowestPartyMemberByBuff, TargetLowestRaidMemberByBuff, TargetLowestGroupMemberByBuff TargetLowestPartyMemberByBuffByPercent and TargetLowestPartyMemberByBuffByHealth work very similar to TargetLowestPartyMemberByPercent and TargetLowestPartyMemberByHealth. The difference is that they take two additional parameters. The first is the buff's name. "Power Word: Fortitude" for example. The second parameter is the value 1 or nil. 1 means target the lowest party member who does have this buff. nil means target the lowest party member without the buff. If no party members matching the criteria are found no member is targeted and -1 is returned. The example below casts Power Word: Fortitude on the party member with the least health who does not have the buff. If all party members have the buff no spell is cast. TargetLowestParty
/script if TargetLowestPartyMemberByBuffByHealth("Power Word: Fortitude",nil) ~= -1 then CastSpellByName("Power Word: Fortitude(Rank X)"); end
TargetLowestPartyMemberByDebuff, TargetLowestRaidMemberByDebuff, TargetLowestGroupMemberByDebuff TargetLowestPartyMemberByDebuffByPercent and TargetLowestPartyMemberByDebuffByHealth work exactly the same way as TargetLowestPartyMemberByBuff functions except they check a party member's debuffs. The following example casts Purify if a party member has the Poison debuff. TargetLowestParty
/script if TargetLowestPartyMemberByDebuffByPercent("Poison",1) == 1 then CastSpellByName("Purify(Rank X)"); end
UnitBuffInformation UnitBuffInformation returns 1 if the buff is applied to the unit and nil otherwise. An optional third parameter allows a pattern to be provided to match the text of the buff. See the LUA manual for pattern details. BuffStatus
/script UnitBuffInformation( "target", "Power Word: Fortitude", "Increases Stamina by (%d+)\.$" );
UnitDebuffInformation UnitDebuffInformation returns 1 if the debuff is applied to the unit and nil otherwise. An optional third parameter allows a pattern to be provided to match the text of the debuff. See the LUA manual for pattern details. BuffStatus
/script UnitDebuffInformation( "target", "Sunder Armor", "Armor decreased by (%d+)\.$" );
UnitBuffType UnitBuffType returns 1 if there is a buff of the given type on the unit, nil otherwise. BuffStatus
/script UnitBuffType( "target", "Magic" );
UnitDebuffType UnitDebuffType returns 1 if there is a debuff of the given type on the unit, nil otherwise. This is usefull for cure macros. BuffStatus
/script UnitDebuffType( "target", "Poison" );
Party/Raid say Put a message to go to your raid or party None
/script if GetNumRaidMembers() > 0 then chan="RAID"; else chan="PARTY" end SendChatMessage("Assist me on [%T]!",chan);

This layout is a work in progress. Telo's sidebar is modifyed to fit in the bottom corners. The FloatingChatFrame is being worked on right now to fit it down into the area below the MainMenuBar. The design is based off my work on a
EverQuest UI (zip 2004/05/26).

Using My Code
If you wish to use my code while working on your own UI AddOns I only ask that you give credit, link to this site, and perhaps send me an email so I can see what others are working on out of curiosity.

To help keep my AddOns up to date after Blizzard changes I keep track of the diffs. diff.txt is a diff between the current version and the last version. I use this file after Blizzard patches a new version to see if any of the files I have edited changed.

cd ..
diff -r FTC\Interface Interface1600 | grep -v "Only in Interface1600" > FTC\diff1600.txt
diff FTC\diff1500.txt FTC\diff1600.txt > FTC\diff.txt

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