The mission of the Long Island Historical Society is to preserve, research, collect and display objects of historical significance to the Town of Long Island, which includes the islands of Long, Cow, Overset, Vaill and a portion of Little Chebeague. The Society will collect and make accessible materials related to the history of the Town and its various neighborhoods, items associated with domestic life and livelihood of its residents (especially fishing and tourism), information and objects related to natural history, the ocean, marine vessels and aids to navigation, the City of Portland and neighboring islands. Photographs, documents, and printed matter of significance to the Town and its inhabitants will also be included

Meeting Schedule

Regular meetings are held as follows:

the third Saturday in January, March, May, November at the LI Learning Center at 10 A.M and the third Saturday of June, July, August and September at 10:00 AM in the society exhibit space in the Community Center


Contact Information

The Society can be contacted via snail mail at Long Island Historical Society, PO Box 281 Long Island, ME 04050