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On June 28, 1990, three young new immigrants arrived in a port in New York, just as most of our own ancestors did throughout U S history.  Soviet/American cooperation has taken on new dimensions.


The first three Siberian kittens had finally arrived !!!!

KALIOSTRO ( brown classic tabby and white male ), NAINA ( brown mackerel tabby female ) and OPHELIA ( brown mackerel tabby and white female ) were received from Leningrad ( now St. Petersburg) Russia by STARPOINT CATTERY  in Louisiana.    Their arrival from Kotofei Cat Club along with their individual METRIKAS ( certificates of birth ), seals, signatures, and proper health documents heralded just the beginning of a new breed of longhair, hearty, natural, survival cats and climaxed 18 months of correspondence with various Siberian breeders in Russia.


The trio adapted with ease, relishing the abundant premium cat foods, superb medical care and gracious living, things we all take for granted in this Country but are scarce or non-existent elsewhere.

Additional Siberians arrived in Louisiana in May and September of 1991, all carrying proper documentation and a breeding program was under way in the United States. 

The first litter of Siberian kittens born in the United States was born on July 13, 1991.

As Siberian kittens were born breeders from all over the United States were able to begin new breeding programs.

The next few years brought us into the show halls, with the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat and the Siberian many similarities were noticed.  These three natural survival breeds have many qualities in common but to the trained eye there are many  differences too.  The Maine Coon Cat is a large cat with rectangular features, longer legs and body, higher pointed ears.  The Norwegian Forest Cat has a more angular face and very straight profile and are smaller than Maine Coons and Siberians.  When we think of the Siberian we think of circles, rounder ears, eyes and faces.   The body of a Siberian is one of great heft that makes it feel like an over filled sausage.  All three breeds have the same type of coat, very difficult to wet as this coat was used to protect the cat from the elements as they roamed the land. 

In January of 1997, the first colorpoint Siberian's were imported into the United States by Dana Osburn of Willowbrook's Cattery in California and the first colorpoint litter was born in February of 1998 in the same cattery.

At the present time the breed is accepted for championship status in AACE, ACFA,  CFF, TICA and UFO.  They are accepted in CFA as Miscellaneous. The colorpoint Siberian is accepted for championship in AACE, ACFA and UFO.  They will advance to championship May 2002 in CFF.  TICA acknowledges them as NBC.