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My name is Louisa Edgerton, and I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Poland from 1991 to 1994. I was stationed in Gorzˇw Wielkopolski, in western Poland, where I taught English at one of four high schools, and also at the local teachers' college. I'd like to welcome my fellow Peace Corps volunteers and anyone else who is interested in Poland.

I'd like to share some pictures and experiences, as well as (in the future) provide a site where others can contribute and relive some of their own Peace Corps Poland experiences.

Gorzˇw is situated in Wielkopolska, about 35 kilometersme biking in Gdynia from the German border. It takes about two hours to get to Berlin by car or by train. It is a commercial center located at a cross-roads between Szczecin, Poznan, Zielona Gora, and Western Europe. There are also a lot of beautiful areas around Gorzˇw which are perfect for day trips. Lakes and small villages provide a great opportunity for hiking, walking, and learning more about history and the natural resources in and around the province of Wielkopolska.  Portions of Wielkopolska, or Greater Poland, used to be part of Germany until after the Second World War, when the Polish borders were moved to the West. This province holds the original capital of Poland, Gniezno. (The capital later moved to Krakow, and then to Warsaw.)


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