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"Edith Barnard brought some unique melodies to the "Celebrity Show" at the Yacht Club. In OUR ISLAND HELPS ME GROW, her own song that praised the natural qualities of Barbados, there was a mixture of pop, calypso, and jazz. There was also a hint of Cass Elliot of "The Mamas and Papas" fame in her vocals... she received rousing applause and was called back for an encore."

Groove Magazine, July 16,2004

SIR CLIFF RICHARD'S concert inspired several people to call "Edie" for singing lessons to help their energy and enthusiasm level. Yes, everyone can sing:! Singing is dignified screaming! (See article below) If you are interested in learning how to gain more energy through Edie's special singing techniques, call her at 309-922-9058



(NATURAL AWAKENINGS, (Naples Florida) FEB., 2001)

What happens when we sing? The act of singing generates a concentrated "charge" in the mind/body system, the results of which are more efficient use of the brain, better concentration, and higher states of awareness and receptivity. The deepened, rhythmic breathing that singing requires, coupled with acoustical frequencies involved in music, act to release physical and emotional stress by slowing and stabilizing the heartbeat and increasing the flow of oxygen to the brain.

The act of singing is an act of consciousness change. As all singers know, you cannot sing and stay depressed. "Singing the blues" changes your inner color scheme, raising you from the condition of pain that sparked the song (or elongated painful scream). Song is a next step from wound to healing. When we sing, we are tuning ourselves as instruments to a higher energy field. We attune the frequencies of our bodies through the sounds we make in the same way that we tune the strings of our instruments. The more in tune with yourself you are, the greater the effect-the healing-will be on those who listen and receive the song.

Singing is a simple, joyful activity, opening people to one another at various levels in a natural, easy way.  The shortest distance between two people is a song! Singing is like charging your battery. In song, you can make a connection to deep levels of feeling and energy that is often difficult to reach from everyday consciousness. Even shy people (and aren't we all?) will feel the change in body energy that results from the strong focus of singing.

Music, riding on the breath, helps us to look clearly at the necessary truths that we must assimilate about our world if we are to move to effective, tuned action for change and survival. Singing opens us and allows us to feel. And when we feel, we are alive; we can act, we can heal and help.

    Anyone can sing. Have you ever heard a 5-year-old say that they can't sing? In the 20 years I have taught singing workshops, 95% of the adults who have studied with me can instantly recall the incident in their childhood when an adult told them to "sing softly while others sing loudly" or to "just mouth the words." Whenever I hear this sad tale, and I hear it often, I remind my student that it is a statement about the adult who really didn't want to take the time to help the child learn the basics of pitch matching or tone placement. Just as singing can be a learned skill, it can also be quickly unlearned in these sad, childhood experiences. Through risking opening our mouths and "making a joyful noise" we dissipate emotional blocks from unpleasant childhood experiences that get in our way of enjoying the present moment.

It is singing that can draw on those deep resources of hope and strength common to all, which are often, in these anxious days, beyond our conscious reach. We can sing and write songs not to band aid our pain but to speak to the truths of what we all know; that we are not as fragile as we fear.  Singing with friends is a testimony to our strength-in-connection. And this can give us hope in a complex and often fearsome world. We are not islands in isolation; we are open systems-instruments of energy. When we open our mouths to sing, we become part of the current of life, the music of the spheres. So, go ahead and "sing/scream" with delight. It just may be the beginning of your own special song!"

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