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Whether you are an experienced real estate attorney, a veteran realtor or a first time home buyer, when you require the services of a Professional Land Surveyor, you should be familiar with what is required of them by the State of Maine. (click on the image to download this 162k file)

This collection of the Laws & Rules for Maine Surveyors is intended to be a convenient reference for anybody that might sometime require the services of a Professional Land Surveyor and who wishes to familiarize themselves with the requirements for surveyors practicing in Maine. For those who are already familiar with the laws and the promulgated rules (effective April 1, 2001), the section including the MSLS commentary on the technical standards should be of particular interest.

The Laws & Rules for Maine Surveyors is provided to you free of charge as a public service by Horizon Surveying Company, Inc. and may be freely distributed. If you experience problems downloading this compiled html file (.chm) and may wish to download this self extracting archived file instead.

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