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Popular Electronics magazine began in October of 1954, published by Ziff-Davis Inc. The magazine ran for nearly thirty years when its name was changed to Computers and Electronics. Gernsback Publications, Inc. now owns the rights to the name Popular Electronics.

These pages feature the older issues of Popular Electronics, keeping them alive for the old-timers who might like to go back and re-read some of the articles. All of the issues contained are from my personal collection or from some kind souls who have loaned their copies for me to scan and include.

A separate section of Carl & Jerry stories has been provided by Doug Faunt (N6TQS). He has scanned and converted to text the stories and included JPEGs of all the illustrations. They download quickly are are excellent reading. Thanks very much, Doug.

When I started this project, I underestimated the amount of effort that would be required to scan the magazines and construct a web site so that others could easily navigate and view the magazines. It takes nearly a whole day to scan one magazine. Since I have 330 of them, working full-time would take nearly a year. Because I'm employed full-time, the entire collection will be made available over the next few years.

Selecting the appropriate resolution is a trade-off between file size/download time and legibility. The full size graphic files were scanned at 72 DPI. It would make for much better legibility to have scanned them with greater resolution, but this increases the storage requirements prohibitively, even using the efficient JPEG format. For now there is one magazine available for viewing directly from the web, December 1958. The others will be made available in a downloadable format such as ZIP for PCs or sea/hqx for Mac.


The directory 1956 contains several JPEG files of an article from September 1956 about a Superhetrodyne receiver using a single 6U8A vacuum tube. Use the browser's back button after viewing each JPEG file.

Other directories for direct viewing: 1958, 1963, 1966, 1971, 1975, and archive

Popular Electronics reproduced with permission of Ziff-Davis Inc. Any or all of the magazines located in these web pages may be freely downloaded for personal use.

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