Jesuit Missionary
Eustache Lambert
Donné extraordinaire
Jesuit Missionary

A historical novel based upon the true story of Eustache Lambert's heroic service as a devoted Donné (giver of oneself) with the Jesuit missionaries in Huronia, New France, 1645-50.
Jesuit Missionary

"Extraordinary devotion of the Donnés"

The reconstitution of the sites and events of the prodigious accomplishments in evangelization by the Jesuit missionaries among the Hurons and Iroquois Indians in New France (Canada) in the 17th century provides the occasion for the author to render justice and credit for the extraordinary devotion of the Donnés who dedicated their very lives in the service of the Huron missions.

- Rev. René Latourelle, S.J. one of the foremost historians of the era of the North American martyrs
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