Land Surveying Information and Resources

It wasn't too long ago that with the exception of SurveyNet, there were ZERO online resources available for Land Surveyors but that has been changing rapidly. Others have already done a lot of work compiling information pertaining to Land Surveying and ot her Online Resources of interest to Land Surveyors so I've decided not to duplicate these efforts. Below are the major WEB links I've found so far:

And now for something along the lines of Entertainment!

Surveyors never seem to take time out for entertainment. I hope you'll make it a point to stop by this page from time to time for a well-deserved respite from your daily surveying grind. The problem of course is that you might not find this stuff very funny since I've been told that I have questionable taste in this regard. For this reason, YOUR submissions and contributions to this section are happily received!

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