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George S. Fergusson

I wouldn't say this Web page is under construction but like everything else in life, it IS constantly evolving....

Oi de Maine! Oi de Brazil!

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Howdy Folks!

Welcome to my Web page! It's taken a while to put this together, and it ain't been easy! The HTML programming is easy enough, what is hard is composing a "This is MY Life" presentation that is both honest and sincere but without Vanity, Pomposity(?) and Pretense- a tall order since I've been told that I can be at times both Vain AND Pompous. So much for pretenses, eh?

Information Deemed Appropriate for General Public Consumption:

Those of you astute enough to remember the last time you accessed this page will notice that the links to Land Surveying and SurveyNet BBS are gone.. this is not an accident! I've commented them out temporarily, as I have effectively commented Land Surveying out of my life (probably NOT temporarily). Expect some updated pages and links relating to Land Surveying, but do not bother looking for SurveyNet BBS anymore, she's history.

Picture Credits

The caricature of me was drawn by accomplished artist and sculptor Roger Majorowicz at a Halloween party a few years ago (I was NOT in costume). Roger lives in Kings Mills, the southern hamlet of Whitefield, that quaint little hamlet "with all them silly statues out in that field" (anon- quote overheard at the local store).

BTW, that's NOT the most flattering picture of me but it does capture some of my more essential qualities- a generally laid back nature and most comfortable with a cup of steaming coffee in my hand (ok, so it looks like a beer can).

Furthermore, the picture is somewhat deceptive in that it depicts me with a substantial beer er... coffee belly but in fact I'm skinny as a rail. Honest. The beard is also gonzo (at least temporarily), my nose isn't really that big, and my "Old Fart" baseball cap is often replaced by a beanie copter. Other than that it's a true likeness of what I'll probably look like in 20 years.

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