The Works of Thomas Jefferson Jackson See

Wave Theory of Gravitation, Volumes 1-4. Now on CD(#1) in PDF.

Electrodynamic Wave-Theory of Physical Forces-Vol.1-1917-170 pgs. and Electrodynamic Wave-Theory of Physical Forces, Vol. 2-1920 -46 pgs.The 10 Volumes from 1920-1922. Now on CD(#2) in PDF format.

Important Astronomical Discoveries
Physical Cause of Magnetism
Cosmical Magnetism
Transmission of Physical Forces
Fluctuations of the Moon's Mean Motion
Discovery of the Physical Cause of Universal Gravitation


New Theory of the Aether-Apr.1920-46pgs. Available in PDF
Medium of the Aether
Density and Rigidity of the Aether
Velocity of Transmitted Wave
Physical Constants of the Aether
Geometry and Physical Significance
Magnetism-Attraction and Repulsion

Gravitational Action Propagated with Light Velocity-June 1920-51pgs. Available in PDF
Effect of Resistance
Explanation of Mercury Motion
Modification of Newtonion Law
Gravitation Action as Aether Wave Stress
Velocity-Potential Expressions
Michelson's Kinetic Theory of the Aether

Remarkable Theorems on the Constitution of the Aether-Dec.1920-70pgs. Available in PDF
Geometrical and Physical Outline between Light,Magnetism and Electrodynamic Action of a Current Induction and the Dynamo
Undulatory Character of an Electric Current
Gravitational,Magnetic and Electrodynamic Actions

The Aether as Gas-Isotropic in all Directions-Feb.1921-71pgs. Available in PDF
A Medium of High Elasticity,Incompressible
Transverse Geometry of Light
General Theory of Waves
Aether Normal to Wave Surface
Propagation of Wave Energy
Gravity Wave-Theory

New Theory of Molecular Forces based on Wave-Theory-Nov.1921-75pgs. Available in PDF
Light Refraction and Dispersion
Surface Tension based on Wave Action
Form of Liquid Drops
Lightning-Stress of the Aether
Infinite System of Waves from all Directions

The Wave-Theory of Chemical,Explosive and Vital Forces-jan.1922-100pgs. Available in PDF
Laws of Nature
Wave-Theory explains the Hardness of Diamond
Geometry of Atomic Arrangement
Radio-Activity and Organic Growth
Cause of Universal Gravitation

The remarkable Connection Between Magnetism and Gravity-Nov.1922-98pgs. Available in PDF
. Intensity of Ponderomotive Force
Investigation of Polar Magnetic Motion
Earth's Magnetic Moment
Mutual Potential Energy
Feebleness of Gravity
Magnetic Duality of Powers

The Cause of Unsymmetrical Equilibrium of the Earth's Solid Nucleus-May 1916-17pgs. Available in PDF
Analysis of Forces
Earth Axis of Rotation and motion about Center of Gravity
Earthquake Investigation

Earth Oblateness and Tables of Terrestrial Spheriod-May 1921-19pgs. Available in PDF
History of the Problem
Ellipticity of the Terrestrial Spheriod
The 18.6 year cycle
Observations of the Force of Gravity
Dynamical Theory of the Figure of the Earth

Discovery of the Cause of the 11 year Sunspot Cycle-Aug.1922-70pgs. Available in PDF
Conjunctions and Opposition of Jupiter and Saturn
Periodic Impulses
Effect of Two Forced Oscillations

UNPARALLED DISCOVERIES OF T.J.J.SEE by W.L.Webb-1913-330pgs. See's life work as of 1913.

WAVE-THEORY! Discovery of the Cause of Gravitation! by T.J.J.See,Book 1, 172 pgs. Available in PDF
Discovery of the waves of gravitation
Infinite strength of the Aether
Maxwell's calculations

WAVE-THEORY, Magnetism, Electrodynamics and other forces of Nature. Book 2, 187 pgs. Available in PDF
Magnetic attraction and repulsion
Illustrations of Wavefields
Wave-Theory of the Dynamo

WAVE-THEORY, Discovery of the Cause of Molecular Forces. Book 3, 287 pgs. Available in PDF
Cause of Molecular Forces to Inter-Molecular Wave-Stresses
Composition of Harmonic Motion
Wave-Action Underlying Molecular and Atomic Forces

WAVE-THEORY, The Wave Theory of Gravitation Established by Celestial Criteria, Book 4, 291 pgs. Available in PDF
Resonances Exhibited by the Planets
The Penetration of Gravitational and Magnetic Waves through the Earth and Sun.
The Effects of Mutual Forces

WAVE-THEORY, Discovery of the cause of the Red Shift in the Spectral Lines, Book 5, 211 pgs.
The law of intensity
Magnetic induction of the Earth
The Sphere of Zero Potential

WAVE-THOERY, Rejecting the theory of Relativity, Book 6, 448 pgs.
Dispersion of Light
Theory of Circular Refraction
Gravitational waves traversing cosmical bodies.

WAVE-THEORY, Discoveries in the Gravitational Theory of the Moon's Motion, Book 7, 300 pgs.
The strongest lunar fluctuations explained by gravity,
The existence of a true Resonance Celeste
Tidal disturbing forces in operation,

WAVE-THEORY, The wave theory of the forces of nature, Book 8 , 457 pgs.
Waves of number in pure geometry
Physical waves in a strong aether,
Indications of the extreme velocity of repulsion

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"NEW", Wave Theory Of Gravitation, Volumes 1-4, now available on CD in PDF format for $25.