This book has been written about one of the most illusive, frustrating, and confusing diseases known to modern man-chronic fatigue syndrome. This sickness is not simplistic in any way and has managed to elude many prominent researchers, scientists, and specialists to date. It isn't that these individuals can't designate a name for the illness or even agree that this disease has become an outbreak that needs to be addressed with more seriousness than first assumed. The fact is that this syndrome has achieved a greater accomplishment than most afflictions that exist in today's world-it has succeeded in concealing its cause. The root of what actually causes this infection to wreak havoc in a sufferer's body has yet to be discovered or determined.

             Most people involved in researching anything applicable to this disorder do have an opinion which theorizes there is a pattern of over or under functioning of a sufferer's immune system created by a viral infection of some variety. There has been a phenomenal amount of research already done on what type of virus/viruses are at work in instigating this infestation. But, there is still no conclusive evidence or verifiable documentation that can substantiate which exact virus/viruses are involved.

            For the medical and scientific community who is devoted to detecting and tracking this type of a disease, no tangible evidence is frustrating. In turn, the medical community who has to directly confront and treat this illness have that same feeling of frustration. They know so little about this affliction because they rely on what the researchers, scientists, and specialists conclude about it. How can they attend to their patients if they don't have any real idea of what this ailment is all about? The same frustration then descends to the patient who is sick with this malady. He trusts that his physician knows what this disease is comprised of and believes that this doctor can treat and cure this ailment. Once the sufferer has determined that his or her physician can't cure or even successfully treat the sickness, the same frustration surfaces. The disease has managed to pyramid out and produce an uncontrollable triangle of anxiety for the various people involved.

            The premise for this book derived itself from this center of frustration. There are books out on the market that scientifically describe and advise a sufferer about the dynamics of chronic fatigue syndrome. Some books narrate personal stories of triumph over the illness. The problem was there were no textbooks, no manuals, nor no source to act as a practical guide to help a person to live within the confines of this disease. Most of the available materials about this syndrome were either written by a physician, a scientist, researcher, or some other type of health professional. These books are informative with their various scientific terms and detailed descriptions of the semantics of this sickness, but also can be a bit overwhelming for the average lay person to comprehend.

            There needs to be a book-a guide book of sorts-that would help a person to cope with this ailment. It has to be understandable and simplistic. The guide book would have the tremendous responsibility to inform, instruct, and advise all at the same time. The book should be written by a sufferer-someone who is living with the disease and knows from direct experience what it is like to live within the limitations of it-not by an author who only does research on what it is like to have chronic fatigue syndrome. It must encourage a positive attitude in the face of this syndrome's negativity. This type of guide is what sufferers of this illness are searching, seeking, and longing for. This book fulfills any sufferer's requirement for what it is like to live with this syndrome, how to practically and effectively cope with the sickness over time, and can be that helpful mechanism for everyone who suffers with CFS.

            This book has been written to cover all different types of concerns that a person who suffers with this disease may confront over the duration of being ill. However, each chapter has been comprised of distinct topics that can be interpreted individually as well as being considered as part of the entire encompassment of the book. Once you have listened to and digested the contents of this book, you should have a better understanding of the practical side of coping with this affliction.

            This disease is referred to in many different parts of the world by many different designations. It doesn't matter which name you call this syndrome because they all refer to the same sickness. Personally, I have no preference or disrespect towards any of its appellations and have elected to acknowledge this syndrome in this book by its two most popular names-chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome and chronic fatigue syndrome.