The New You


As a result of this evasive disease, you have evolved. The inner and outer growth that coincided with your enlightening encounter with this illness encouraged a speedy advancement of your self-awareness and where you are going on your life's path. You are no longer who you once were. You are an improved and elucidated being who has a more directed, focused life plan. You may question yourself along the way many times over wondering if you are indeed crazy or imagining this disease is seriously affecting your well being. Others may decide to convince you that what you are indeed sensing is nothing more than a fabricated sensation of sickness to satisfy their own sensations of fear and anxiety. There are people in the medical professions who may try to delude you into believing their suppositions about your bout with chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome. Society will even reject your assertion of suffering with this syndrome with no regard for the truth. Everywhere that you seem to turn in search of support and empathy, you will find nothing but alienation, mediocrity, and no concern for you as a human being in need. Nevertheless, you should comprehend that these diversions and distractions are nothing more than ways for others to keep you in a state of self-doubt. If these important people in your life had to confront the actuality that you are contending a chronic viral syndrome, they wouldn't be capable of perceiving the repercussions of how this disease would directly impact their lives. The idea that CFIDS could somehow intervene in their lives is incomprehensible and they want to be sure that this possibility never occurs. How do they think that they can do this? The simplest and easiest way is to keep you in a state of flux so that you will question your own mind, body, and soul. It makes more sense to make you feel and think that you are not actually experiencing what you are going through and then alienate you from any direct involvement in their life styles. It is sad to see that these individuals have to create many illusions to cover up the truth of the matter. You are chronically ill with a disease that could be contagious and transmittable.

There are so many negative connotations to have to overcome just because any kind of immune dysfunctional sickness is equated with society's interpretation of the AIDS virus and the lethal impact that AIDS has on the world. So, to expect that you will be treated with courtesy and regard by others for having an illness that is akin to AIDS is most likely improbable. No amount of wishing can create a better planet to live on. Over time, people have learned to degrade and demoralize sick beings and then ostracize them from society and it is sad to say that this mentality still reigns. Disease is an excuse to be cruel and mean to another human being. There are some individuals who are trying to make a difference in the way that all sick people are perceived and treated. They should be praised for their efforts to care for another human being out of their committed love for their fellow man. It is a shame that the rest of the world doesn't acknowledge the ability to be compassionate and empathetic as an entire entity. Imagine the impact that this could have on the human race as a whole!You shouldn't be treated any differently than anyone else who has a chronic illness. There should be a silent sense of sympathy for your ordeal not pity. People should respect you for who you are as a person not offended by you because you have an internal infection. You can contribute to your own treatment from others by treating yourself with the same deference and esteem that you wish to have reflected back onto you. Acknowledge your existence! You are a whole and complete person equipped with a thinking mind and reactive emotions. Regard your limited life style as being as meaningful and your life is just as significant now as it ever was. You should understand that people sometimes find it difficult to comprehend something that is foreign or unknown to them. It isn't you that they have a hard time coping with, it is the disease. Chronic fatigue syndrome is the unfamiliar experience that these individuals have yet to connect with and cognize. Being patient and tolerant of other's ignorances can supersede any rejection or alienation that they impose onto you. You do have a right just as anyone else does to request help in your set of circumstances. There should be no refusal from others in attempting to provide some type of aid for you to assist you during your contention with this syndrome. If you do affront some resistance in getting assistance, you can circumvent these obstacles and seek out others who will cooperate and help. You have to set an example of self-reliance and determination for people to follow even though you are the one who is sick. Eventually you will ascertain that those who suffer with this sickness will be the ones who create a more hospitable environment for all to cope with the affects of this disease.

All of the emotions that you will encounter and sense throughout your ordeal with this sickness are normal sensations that each and every sufferer, no matter what her age is, contends with at one time or another. It is all right to be angry at everyone else who lives with good health. You didn't ask for this illness and surely didn't want all of the havoc that it has created in your life. How can you help but feel frustration, denial, and animosity towards other people in your life who appear to be more involved in their own lives than in caring about you especially after they have averred to commit themselves to aiding you? The loss of your hard earned position in your career, your sense of security, and future dreams and goals all disintegrate in front of your eyes. You didn't do anything to make all of this negativity happen to you and everything that you considered important to you. It has just come to pass and taken control of your life. You can't help feel dominated and helpless to exert any force in this situation. If you ever question that you are singled out in having this illness and all of the feelings that you are going through, talk to another person who agonizes with this same disease. It should make you feel a bit better to know that you aren't alone in sensing all of these emotions. Others in the same predicament as you have gone through the exact thoughts and feelings. These impassioned moments are part of the giant puzzle of CFS. You are supposed to sense various depths of your own character to be able to move forward in a different direction with your life. The many experiences that you will have to endure can accelerate your internal growth. You will recognize that you are metamorphosing in a good way and this maturity is leading you into a whole new and untried territory of living. Your fresh direction is an alternative to the life style that you had originally chose to lead. As a result of being chronically sick, you have a rare opportunity to perceive life from a new vista. You can actively create a new path for yourself where you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to overcoming. This disease is the first obstacle to conquer in directing yourself down your new life's path to leading a better and healthier life style.

Self-education is another goal in your progression. If you are not aware of what this disease is all about, how can you expect to comprehend what is going on inside and outside of your body? How can you expect other people to be empathetic and less ignorant about this sickness if you are more unenlightened than they are? Your body is the arena for this viral ordeal and you have a responsibility to yourself to find out whatever you can about this disease. You are aware of all of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual sensations that this experience is creating. Don't you want to know why you feel the way you do and what is causing the various symptoms? You should try to find out any information that you can on this syndrome by reading the few books out on the market that specifically address this subject. Chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome is a "new" disease that hasn't been researched to the degree that other maladies have so you may have to spend some time intensely searching for any data. There have been numerous articles published in medical magazines that vary in interpretations and insinuations about this syndrome. You could connect with any world-wide non-profit organizations that have focused their efforts on educating the public about the sickness. Your computer is another tool that you can use in your search for CFIDS knowledge. There are various web sites devoted to sharing any and all available information on this syndrome. Other outlets for educational materials can be found through your learned physician, infectious disease specialists, and/or at major clinics or hospitals throughout the world. You should feel proud of yourself because in purchasing and reading this book because you have already made a major effort in trying to self-educate. You should ingest as much as you can tolerate in finding out whatever you can about this disease. The more you read and comprehend, the more understanding you can gain on what is happening to you. Once you have begun to research and read all of these available materials, you will notice that many researchers, investigators, scientists, organizations, and specific individuals have various interpretations of what chronic fatigue syndrome is and how it affects the human body. Everyone has an opinion about the unknown.

The next phase of educating yourself is to help educate others. It would be an impossible task to try and get every person in the world to learn about this sickness. But, if every person who has the disease reaches out and tries to instruct others, the entire globe can be eventually and adequately be educated about this disease. You can contribute to this massive effort by extending your knowledge out to the significant people in your life that make up your support network. . . your spouse, children, doctors, clergy, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. Share this book to each and every one and discuss its practical advice and applications. Then, take that opportunity to elucidate and deliberate your personal experience with this sickness. Once these people hear and learn about your ordeal and study the available literature, they will in turn extend and compound the knowledge out to other people who in turn will stretch out and speak to others. The "educational webbing effect" that you originated will connect many people through a common bond-learning the most they can about CFS. You never know who may be helped by your initial response to educating someone about the disease. It could be a total stranger who was suffering from this syndrome and wasn't aware of it or maybe it was someone half-way across the world who was misdiagnosed with another disease other than this ailment and this person had been taking medications for the wrong disease most of his or her life. The simple act of initiating knowledge in others empowers everyone to create healing miracles.

You have to be as focused and committed to your own well being in creating your own triumphs. Over the duration of your encounter with this disease, you will adapt and alter yourself and your old life style many times over before you reach a space where you have found your "new" niche in life. At first, it will seem impossible to look forward with hope to finding some joy and happiness in what life will have to offer. Yet, in the advancement of the syndrome, you will detect that you can and will reach a point in time where your old values and requirements for happiness are replaced with fresh dreams and desires for a more relaxed and rewarding life style other than the pursuit of material objects. Your faith is what sustained you during all of the most impossible lows of being ill. It kept you focused on the future and what could possibly be your reality once you overcame this disease. In the confines of this experience called chronic fatigue immune dysfunction syndrome, you have created for yourself a distinct sense of self-respect and self-esteem. You know that your life is worth living no matter what the circumstances are that you have to live within and it is an indescribable joy to you just to wake up in the morning knowing that you have another day to begin anew. . . to look forward to living. You are a person who is alive on this planet to fulfill some kind of conscious or unconscious purpose. Your being here is just as important to the entire scheme of life as anyone else. It even shocks you at times to sense how much different you are now as compared to who you used to be. Patience and inner strength have developed in intensity. You are the most tolerant and patient that you have ever been in your entire life. You have also learned to understand and empathize with others more than you ever thought possible. You see the concept of the entire human race being basically the same and desiring the same things in our lives-joy, peace, love, success, and good health-as being the true focus of humanity. You have a renewed sense of global connectedness and the world's ecology. At this point in time, you are more in tuned and responsive to all of humanity's needs. The world appears so complex to many but appears to be very simple to you. It seems as if CFIDS came into your life at the right time and woke you up from a long sound sleep.

Another result of your encounter with this syndrome is the pride that you can feel in doing what you can do. No longer do you take for granted anything that seemed inconsequential before you were sick. Walking up and down stairs, taking a shower or bath, cooking a meal, tucking your children into bed at night, or working at your job take on completely new meanings. There is a simple joy to be found in anything that you experience and what makes it even more momentous is that you could do whatever the activity was yourself. There are many months or years that you could be bedridden or house bound with this syndrome and are forced into seeing what value something has when you can do it all by yourself. You have such a dependency on others to do the most simplest of chores for you and the loss of this personal freedom is one of the most difficult losses to accept. There is no replacement for the sensations that you can feel when you do something all alone and don't have to rely on anyone to help you.

You have been taught a valuable lesson about the meaning of freedom and how much you took that aspect of your life for granted before you got sick. The depth of empathy and sympathy that you can now feel for someone who is totally dependent on someone or something to live his or her life to its fullest has been stirred up within you. You know how much pride and self-gratification that there can be in having personal freedom. Your adjusted perspective can give you the capacity to love and accept others in more ways than you could of ever imagined.

One of the most important outcomes in experiencing this disease is learning how to love yourself for who you are now. You are no longer the ignorant, selfish person that you used to know. As a result of this disease, you have evolved into an unselfish, caring, and loving human being who wishes to bring joy and happiness to each and every person that you comes into contact with throughout your journey of life. You found a way to cope with this life-altering illness and have adapted to living with it for the duration. You have become who you were destined to be. You have reached the pinnacle of what being human is all about.

Perhaps one of the hardest lessons for you to learn throughout your chronic fatigue syndrome ordeal was that it is sometimes harder to love yourself than others. You may have loved many people throughout your life, yet you never took the time to love yourself. Your encounter with this affliction was meant to be, to help you to accept who you are now as a loving spiritual being, and to learn to love yourself and to make yourself a priority in your life for a while. Hopefully you can carry the results of this lesson throughout your life. Remember that you have to truly love yourself first before you can learn to love others!