Yes, now there is!


The book "Chronic Fatigue Immune and Dysfunction Syndrome" by Anna Presby Harriman offers valuable insight into the illusive and devastating disease from a sufferer's perspective. There are no medical diagrams nor false hope or offers of cures. The book itself is broken down into three volumes that specifically address pertinent issues pertaining to living with CFIDS. Simply put, it consists of what direct experience has shown the author. She has lived through every aspect of what topics are discussed in this book and offers her opinions and advice on what does and doesn't work.

:"I have suffered with this syndrome for over twenty years of my life. In these "decades" of existence, I have seen over twenty-six doctors, specialists, and researchers alike. I have run the gamut of "highs and lows" in trying to survive within the CFIDS parameters of life. In the beginning, I would search everywhere for any information about the disease. The medical professionals that I saw were no help in offering advice on how to cope and live with this illness.. The majority of them had never even heard of CFS. How could I possibly expect them to help me live with this malady? There were a few books on the market that were either written by researchers who focused on the scientific viewpoint, doctors who directed their literary energies on the psychological implications of an "imagined" disease, or sufferers who told of their personal struggles. I was interested in what they had to say but I never felt I got the practical direction necessary to help me live day to day with this syndrome. I knew there was a need for sufferers like myself to have a "coping mechanism" or "practical aide". It took a year to write this book because I tried to think of all practical aspects about living with this sickness. I am no doctor nor profess to be. I am but a CFIDS sufferer just like you. I wrote about what works and what doesn't based on my long term experiences. Please read this book with an open mind and heart in hopes that it will inspire awareness and faith that you aren't alone in your daily struggles with this disease."