Caterpillar Tractors Restored (Gas)

"Caterpillar Ten"

This is a Caterpillar Model 10, High Clearence Tractor. Production started in 1928 and ended in 1932.
It is unknown how many high clearence models were built but the belief is they are relitively scarce. Serial # PT4002.

Restored Fall 2002.

Ten Before Restored

"Caterpillar Fifteen"

This tractor came from Center Sandwich, N.H. where it worked on a farm and in the woods. Serial # PV5069.

The Fifteen Tractor was grey in color before December 7th 1931 and yellow after that date.

Restored Fall 2000.

Fifteen Before Restored

"Caterpillar Fifteen PV Series"

This tractor came from Halifax, Mass. Is equiped with a Laplante Choate Bulldozer Blade. Serial # PV5059.

Were manufactured from 1929 - 1932.

Restored Spring of 2006.

Fifteen Before Restored

"Caterpillar Twenty Eight"

This tractor is the first year of the yellow caterpillar. Was used in Rockwood, Maine in a lumber yard and in a Marina.
Is a Wide Track which is quite rare. Serial # 4F67.

Twenty Eight Before Restored

"Caterpillar Thirty"

This Tractor was design and built to be used as a logging machine.
Scooting many sled of logs from the cutting to the brow replacing the horse teams. It worked in Northern Maine.

Model: Thirty.................Serial: S5410

Restored in the Summer of 1998 .

Thirty Before Restored

"Caterpillar Thirty with Cab"

This Tractor was built and design for use with a large V snow plow & wings.
It was purchased new by the town of Mercer, Maine and worked for many years plowing rural roads for the town. All Caterpillars were gray until 1932.

Model: Thirty....................Serial: 12784

Restored in the Summer of 1998.

Thirty Before Restored

"Caterpillar Sixty"

Above is a Caterpillar Sixty. If it could talk, it could tell you quite a wild story. It rode from Iowa to Maine in below 0 weather in Janurary of 2000, and took a 2 weeks vacation on its way over in Illinois. Of Intrest: Notice the original Caterpillar installed radiator riser built for additional cooling.(Quite rare). Serial # PA9825.

Was restored in Feb. 2000.

Sixty Before Restored

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