Caterpillar Tractors Restored (Diesel)

"Caterpillar D-2"

This is the smallest of the Diesel Caterpillar Tractors.
Was built from 1938 to 1957. Serial # 3J8414.
Built in 1939.

Restored in March 2003.

D2 Before Restored

"Caterpillar D-2 5U"

This is a 1948 D2. Serial # 5U1634.
Blade is a 2-S with 44 Hydraulic System.
Tractor has Rear Mounted PTO.

Restored in June 2003.

D-2 5U Before Restored

"Caterpillar D-6"

Above is a Caterpillar Dozer, D-6, built in 1939, 3cyl, that was owned by the Town of West Gardiner, Maine, and used to plow snow. Serial # 2H6909SP.

Restored in October 1998.

D6 Before Restored

"Caterpillar Diesel Forty"

This is one of the rarest of all Caterpillars. Is the Grand Daddy of the D-6. Was built in 1934. Serial # 3G-498.

Restored in February 1999.

Forty Before Restored

"Caterpillar Diesel Fifty"

This is the first year of production of the deisel engine. Is the Grand Daddy of the D-7. Serial # 1E67. Equipped with Laplante-Choate dozer blade. Serial # BD50-26. It was built in 1933.

Restored in November 1999.

Fifty Before Restored

"Caterpillar Seventy Five"

This is also the first year of the production Diesel, 1933. Used for farming in Iowa. This is the Grand Daddy of the D8. Serial # 2E-321.

Seventy Five Before Restored

"Caterpillar 1958 D-9"

This is the D-9 , The largest Caterpillars built for 24 years, from 1955 til 1979. Serial # 18A2012.

This is the same D-9 after moving it indoors and having the blade installed. It was so big that the blade had to be put on after it was inside.

Restored in the Winter of 1998-1999.

D9 Before Restored

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