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References and Resources
Bobbi Keppel, LCSW
2007 *

Elder bisexual issues

By Bobbi Keppel, ACSW, LCSW

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Bisexual Resource Center The Bi Bookstore, Bi Video Store, Bi Music Store, Bi Products, bi news, downloadable pamphlets, health information, and links to just about everything you might want to know about bisexuals and bisexuality around the world including online chat groups and an index of bi-inclusive groups in every country.


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Ron Fox periodically updates his comprehensive bibliographies. Look online for the latest version.

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Bisexual health and mental health

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Current and accurate sex and safer sex information online

Frequently updated information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs): prevention, incidence, transmission, talking with partners, treatment, education strategies, and just about anything else you &/or your clients might want to know. San Francisco Department of Public Health

Go Ask Alice

Fenway Community Health
Fenway Institute and its Safer Sex Educator team; links to safer sex information and "Talking With Your Clients"


Planned Parenthood

Terrence Higgins Trust

Sex, gender, and sexual orientation/gender attraction

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Bobbi Keppel, 2007, National Joint Conference on Aging, Chicago, Il.