THREE CHEERS FOR YELLOW! It is time to yell about yellow! Aside from pink Beach Peas and Blue-Eyed Grass, the campground is ablaze with yellow flowers. The Bull's Head lilies are dotting the Lily Pond, and along the shoreline a beautiful yellow bloomer called Silverleaf is providing color (below on the left..note one turned over white leaf!). The latter is so called because its leaves are whitish underneath. Its flowers are yellow, and runners are red! Then, there are the Buttercups. I almost asked that our lawn not be mowed this week since there were many patches of those yellow flowers basking in the sun. They seem to line the roads through the campground also. I also detected the yellow bloom of Goatsbeard (to the right). This flower only opens on sunny days, as if to catch the warm rays. It is called that name because it goes on to make a very fuzzy (hairy?) blow ball of seeds, almost like a giant Dandelion seed head. Yes, we still have yellow Dandelions, but most of them have gone to seed.

Though the sun has been more of a yellow presence in recent days, it is needed to warm up the cool overnights. The ocean is still in the low 50 degree range, so not much extended swimming is being done. On a walk this week, we had had some sprinkling overnight and that brought out those yellow land snails you often find on the paths to the beaches and along the roads. It is always interesting to find these snails and compare them with our numerous marine snails. You should take time to see the differences between our many Periwinkles and these yellow land snails, making sure that they are returned to their appropriate habitat. Land snails don't thrive on salt water!

Time for me to get out in the sun, and turn not yellow, but red!

Thanks for listening to me do a little yelling. You can now turn down the volume! 6/5/11 Ronnie