I have never seen so much snow since I've spent winters in Maine! Local people tell me it is like it was in the "old days". I tried hiking at the campground after the last foot of snow and traipsed through snow up to my knees, even in areas protected by trees. Along the shoreline, there are less and more amounts depending on the wind. Here in this picture, I am on Joe's Head where the snow is blown into artistic patterns.

The going get easier if you can find snowshoe or ski tracks, but it is still tough going. In the picture to the right, someone in snowshoes had made a trail going north on Joe's Head. Animal tracks crossed the trail and I found where one deer had rested.

I finally dug my way into our barn and pulled out my snowshoes to try. Then of course, we had some rain and sleet over night so it may even be more treacherous. It is beautiful out there, and one can't help but wonder how the animals are getting along. I see tracks of deer, porcupine and squirrel, but not much else. It is possible to hike down Island Road, but to venture into campsites, you have to climb over waist high ridges where it has been plowed.

Here is a picture of our house on Parker Head Road. Our Christmas wreathes are still hanging, but adorned with snow. I have since shoveled paths to these side entrances as a safety measure. We worry about ice on the roof, but so far have escaped problems. I was knocking off icicles the other day and one konked me on the head which wasn't fun. Actually, I think this picture was taken before we had the last significant snowstorm. It is hard to know where to put the snow.

I hope you are all enjoying the snow. In another week, Phippsburg will be having its annual fishing derby. Center Pond will be dotted with shacks and no doubt there will be many vehicles on the ice since I hear the ice is about a foot deep. I usually wait until cars are on the ice before I venture out! You sure need dark glasses these days.
2/6/11 Ronnie on Super Bowl Day!