Look carefully at this picture.....where was it taken, and what does it show? If you guessed that was Mt. Washington in the distance, you were correct. The picture was taken from Joe's Head, looking west over Gooseberry Island. I tried to get the flashing red light on the bell bouy off Wood Island, but didn't capture that event that happens every 5 seconds. The water was calm, so the bell itself was not ringing. The picture was taken between 4 and 4:30PM in the afternoon. It was my first trip to the campground in several weeks. I saw Roger who was full of sightings of fox and deer. As you may know, the hunting season is in full swing in Phippsburg, but if the deer stay put on the island they may survive.

I've spent more time over at our property on West Point, trying to put those houses to bed for the winter. The screens came down on the porch, and the water is turned off. On my way out as I climbed into the car, I noticed these fungi growing on the lawn. Though the picture doesn't show the exact colors, they were like greenish buttons pushing out of the soil. I picked one to see the color of its gills, if it had them. They were yellowish, and I am in the process of making a spore print to confirm the identity as a Late Oyster mushroom, Panellus serotinus. Oyster mushrooms are considered edible, though I shall not be using these on the dinner plate. However, it is an interesting fall find.

While on the subject of fungi, I will add an interesting discovery while working in my vegetable garden. I was checking some bones in a lobster trap when I noticed some white objects that looked as if someone had removed some bones! A closer look showed they were a strange fungi called Stickhorns. I should have detected them by their oder, but didn't. They seem to wait to arise from the ground in later fall. I'd seen them before, but was afraid I had disturbed their habitat by digging. You never know what is waiting out there to be discovered.
I will close as you ponder these fungal creations as we head toward Thanksgiving. Maybe I should go chasing turkeys instead of mushrooms, or even sunsets! 11/20/09 Ronnie having fun with I a fun-gal?