This is the reward for being an early riser here in Phippsburg. This picture was taken from my home on the Kennebec River. If you get up at 5AM, the skies are a delight. Every sunrise is different and worth getting up for. (Actually, my cat seems to know I want to catch these glimpses since she is usually the one that arouses me.)

The woodlands continue to provide an exciting parade of color, some come near matching the color of the skies. Consider the beautiful Gay Wings, now found blooming along out trails. These flowers could be mistaken for airplanes, and look very much like an orchid which they are not. They are evergreen, so the foliage is visible in winter but often turns a darkish red. These were found behind the Phippsburg school, but they also can be found on the Ridgewell Preserve trails.

I walked into the Sprague Pond Preserve in the rain this week, and was delighted to see a flower that was new to me. It grows in wet, boggy areas, and looks like a miniature Calla Lily. It is a Water Arum. It is low growing, and I almost stepped on it as I tried using a net to capture aquatic creatures. That rain was the first we had had in quite a long time. Besides observing wildflowers and the renewing of the water fall, I had fun finding deer bones scattered through the pond's shoreline. Last winter, a deer carcass was found blanketed by snow. On this walk, there was only a leg laying on a mat of fur. The other legs were nearby, and the backbone with a few ribs still attached was further away. An isolated scapula was also found. I'm not sure what happened to the skull, though that may one day show up.

The campground has been alive with motorcyclists! 170 BMW cyclists assembled last weekend for their annual outing. The Kelp Shed was opened for their gathering, and a lobster feast was on the docket. There were cyclists from Canada and as far away as Minnesota, all enjoying an unusually warm spring weekend. I never knew motorcycles to be so quiet, but these vehicles are especially so. It almost made me want to hop onboard! 5/24/10 Ronnie on foot, not on a cycle.