I wonder if you are as puzzled as I was to find this pile of.........cherries? No, they are rose hips which many of you know are full of tasty seeds (that is if you are a Red Squirrel). As I tried to figure out how this pile was formed, a small squirrel scurried away. Then I saw some holes in the ground, with seeds near by. This was found in Site 66w on West Dune Way under an apple tree surrounded by patches of Rugosa rose bushes. I had picked up some of the apples at this site, and thought I check it out. There were few apples on the ground,and as I garnered a few unblemished fruits, I saw the piles of rose hips. I will have to come back and see more activity. It would be nice to have snow for tracking, but this place is tucked away and may not get accumulated snow. Interesting, however, don't you think? I'd never seen this before and have to admit not seeing squirrels gathering rose hips!

Here is the squirrel I am talking about. Look at that beautiful tail! These animals are active in the worst kinds of weather. No wonder they need large caches of food.

Those shoreline breezes often take their toll on animal life. I came across this bird. I wonder if you can figure out what kind of bird this is? I was interested in the size of the eye socket. There isn't much room left for a brain! As mentioned before, we see different kinds of birds at this time of year. The loons are a presence, but there are other diving sea birds that grace our shores. The Eiders are here in all seasons, as are the gulls. The cormorants have left for warmer climes, and the heron are rarely seen in exposed areas. In the harbor, Mergansers and Buffleheads can be seen, as well as on Center Pond.

Hello December! A storm is brewing and we should get our first snow as the new week starts. Get ready for some pictures! 12/1/07 Ronnie, enchanted with squirrels.

Addendum: And yes, we did get a significant snowfall last Monday. I was out taking pictures and tracking animals, so get ready for that excitement. Incidentally, I checked the pile of rose hips and they were hidden by the snow.