I wonder if you recognize this scene. The trees and clouds catch your eye, but down on the tidal flats is a clammer busy digging. I was checking out this site at Totman Cove for a foray. It was so beautiful and mild that the Wood Frogs were singing a chorus of quacks! They were in the fresh water pond that sits behind the shoreline. We are finally getting some mild weather which is something to quack about if you are a frog. As for me, I am cheering! Here's the Wood Frog......

It has been a slow path into spring. One gets impatient and discouraged when looking for emerging plants and enlarging buds. The frogs are making a statement, and that is an encouraging sound. The Ospreys, Great Blue Heron, and Snowy Egret are back. Each has its own statement of beauty.

I have good news about the Harp Seal. Apparently it was dehydrated and is improving. It will be set free shortly! Yesterday of all things, I was hiking at the campground and found another dolphin on Sanddune Beach. This one had been seriously preyed upon, largely by birds. I hauled it up into the shoreline grasses, and time will tell if I can retrieve bones. It was a small version of the dolphin I found out near Small Point.

As I walked through the campground, I kept noticing places in sites where shallow digging had taken place, and then covered with boot footprints. I kept puzzling over these disturbances, when I came upon a guy with a metal detector! He was systematically checking the sites for valuables! This was the first time I had seen such activity in campsites, though I frequently see metal detectors used on the beaches. Of course, I wasn't told what was being found, but he sure was hitting all potential lost items.

I continue to look for flowers which are very slow in coming. In the campground, however, many sites are carpeted with a very tiny white flower that may claim its position as a first bloomer! These are the tiny four petaled flowers of Whitlow-Grass. They can't be more than a fraction of an inch across and only about 2 inches high from a bottom rosette of small leaves. They are definitely making a statement, whether it is in sand, mud or dirt! Of course, in people's yards, the crocuses and snowdrops are in bloom. We had a heavy frost last night, and there is a suggestion we may have some snow on Saturday. Spring definitely keeps you on your toes. I've decorated our property with my usual Easter Bunny and its lobster buoy eggs. I also found an enormous buoy on one of our beaches that could pass for a giant variety of an Easter egg. Happy Holiday to you all. 4/10/09 Rollicking Ronnie