SOMETHING FISHY……..Here is the fish story I told you was coming! Congrats to the teamwork that pulled this Striper from the waters near Hermit Island. Now that is a handful! I was told it was 31 inches long. One member of this team of three hooked the fish, another fought it and hauled it close by, and the other netted it. The father of that guy in the middle baited the hook. the fish was released for more sporting endeavors. Thanks to David for sharing the picture. Yes, the fishing has been productive in recent weeks. I've been eating more than catching.

Our onshore catches have produced smaller specimens including several tiny Pipefish while flashlight hunting off the dock at night. Here is a drawing of these slender, unique fish, no more than 4-5 inches in length.



Then there were the Bluefish, finally. I took this picture to show you the beauty of its head and sharp teeth that must be reckoned with. I made some tasty fillets of this fish and have to admit it is a favorite of mine…..fresh from the ocean.

No flounders were caught, but I nearly snared a few while snorkeling. Fishing under water is not for the faint of heart. Bring your fishing lines and try your luck in these rich Maine waters. You might get a few tips for the Prior family…..the master fisherpeople.

In case you were wondering, the new picture on the home page was taken this week as we descended to Starfish Cave, very carefully. The gigantic Sea Star was still in residence along with the usual urchins, sponges and anemones.

8/22/07 Something fishy about Ronnie these days.