Spring in the Maine Air?
Even in Maine, we are looking for signs of spring, and actually seeing a few! We've had enough warm weather and rain to get rid of a lot of snow. You can see patches of grass, sometimes having a slight green hue! There is plenty of mud which is characteristic of a Maine spring. Today I saw Robins in the field outside my kitchen window, and have enjoyed watching a Hairy Woodpecker feeding on suet which I haven't seen all winter. A friend mentioned trying to catch a skunk that has invaded the underparts of her house, and I almost stopped to pick up a skunk roadkill the other day. There is talk of breaking up the ice on the Kennebec so the water can flow without flooding its shoreline. Then, we must all remember to change the clocks, that "spring forward" this weekend. I stopped to take a picture of those ice chunks as I crossed over behind Head Beach to reach the Kelp Shed. Ironically, there were deer in the distance. They raised their white tails to salute my presence. See if you can see them in this first picture!
I've had a few hikes at the campground since you can finally get around without getting stuck in deep snow. There has been a lot of erosion due to the large amount of rain. The surf has sucked Surf Clams out of the sand and thrown them up on Head Beach. I must have thrown back 2 dozen of those clams in hopes of assuring their livelihood. There are more gulls on the beach, probably attracted by the choice specimen clams. But frankly, those clams were so big and heavy it must be very hard to carry them into the air to drop and break their shells. The birds may just poke between the shells and grab a bite, however, most of you know that those clams, if viable, can clamp together with force. I'd hate to see a gull with its beak stuck between the shells! As you can see from this picture above, our snow is now melted on much of the shoreline. Think for a minute.......where was I when I took this picture?

To give you a taste of spring fever, I will close with this photo of some pollinating pussy willows! This plant was indoors and is actually a "weeping willow" since the pussy branches have been grafted on to an upright willow. Very interesting, and we will see if it survives when I plant it outside. By the way, what gender is this plant???!!

3/12/11 Ronnie, running a fever........the good kind!