OK, here's the owl from last week. Actually, it was a birthday gift since I found it on that day! I was heading down the Small Point Road for an early hike at the campground when I spied this bird sitting in a tree on the edge of an open field. I stopped the car and hopped out with camera in hand. For the next half hour, I followed the bird as it flew from tree to tree deeper into the woods. I became entangled in shrubbery and ended up breaking through ice in a wet area. I gave up the chase, temporarily. After my hike on the campground, I headed back home and again saw the owl sitting on a pole in the middle of the field! Again, I took pursuit. This time the bird stayed on the edge of the field so I was able to get a closer look and a few pictures. It was such fun watching this Barred Owl look down at me, turn its head, and take off with wide wings. I had heard of others seeing these owls, but I had not seen one in a long time. What a fitting birthday present!

On a sunnier day last week, I took a walk on Center Pond. Here are some of the tracks I followed. In the distance are the tracks of many types of vehicles. Then as you come toward the bottom of the photo, you see a line of my tracks. Below, there are tracks of a bird that sort of meander while dragging toes. The straight line of groups of four tracks heading along the shoreline are some kind of canine, probably a fox.

You are probably wondering about that Subaru commercial mentioned in a previous entry. I was totally shocked to find the snowy parking lot in front of the Kelp Shed filled with trucks and other vehicles as I ventured forth for an outing. What was going on, I inquired? I quickly learned that workers were setting things up for the filming of a Subaru commercial. The idea was to convince people that this was the car for winter exploring, including a camping outing to celebrate New Year's Eve! Joe's Head was to be used for a campfire as the sun was setting, and fireworks would proceed as darkness descended! This took quite a bit of planning, including some filming at a lighthouse in Portland. They even had a snow making machine in the event they wanted to "doctor" the scene! We do have a snow cover, but maybe they wanted to hide tracks of hikers, etc. So keep an eye out for a Subaru commercial in the next few months. You may recognize the scenes!

To end this entry, I will include some snow fleas that may be hopping about on Joe's Head, though not big enough to show in the filming! Also, the new picture on the home page shows a scene taken the same day that I encountered the commercial makers. Just imagine that shot with smoke coming from a campfire, and fireworks shooting into the sky!

You just never know what is around the owl, bird tracks, snow fleas, or someone filming our beloved campground! As of this posting, I have witnessed the commercial filming which was a memorable event. I'll devote the next entry to that amazing happening. Whoops, a new month just arrived with more snow falling as I write.....3/1/08 Exhilarated Ronnie