The tide is low, and the lobster pound is not dammed. There are no lobsters crawling around in confinement this year. Instead, the lobsters will continue to be sent to the market at their high prices. Up here in this neck of the Maine waters, lobster catchers are out checking their traps when the weather is not threatening. The lobster pound will remain ready for another season, but that is a year away.

On the wharfs, however, I caught some of the activity as boats delivered their catch in the harbor. Here, one boat has unloaded its lobsters, and awaits a new delivery of bait for the next trip out to sea. The coiled, colored, ropes intrigued me....are they for repairs or what? You will note that these helpers are well dressed to keep warm and dry. These are young fellows who may have been on board to help since it was a holiday (Thanksgiving). Their catch was hoisted up on the wharf and included about three full bins of lobster like these. Is your mouth watering? One wonders where these lobsters will end up.....perhaps in Europe?

This week, now that the Thanksgiving holiday has ended, the winds blew again and sent waves crashing on shore. The picture on the web site home page shows you the dynamics the fishermen have to contend with. Ironically, I counted 6 boats returning to port with spray from these waves blowing over their cabins. I have a feeling that the wind blew up while they were on the open waters. At least while making it home, they had a sunset to light the way and bell buoys ringing a welcome.

I have a few more interesting discoveries to share in the next report. Stay tuned!

11/29/07 Ronnie, on the shoreline.