Let's see what rises to the top of our recent observations and outings..First, there was a marvelous hike over Morse Mountain where there are numerous mushrooms breaking through the soil. Some are big enough to use as umbrellas (if you are a mouse!). Down on Seawall beach at the end of our hike, we walked the beach finding numerous Sanddollars, though most were penny or quarter sized. The water was warm, but I was the only one to ride a few waves! We were reminded of the exciting Olympics going on, and honored that happening with our own Olympic Symbol made from the shells we found on the beach. Can you pick out the Sanddollars from our beach collection in the picture below? On our way home, we enjoyed picking some luscious high bush Blueberries as seen to the left.

The week finally turned sunny and stayed that way for a wonderful trip out to Seguin to view the lighthouse and explore that island two miles off Popham Beach, at the mouth of the Kennebec River. We had a full load of campers on the Yankee and managed to row and swim our way ashore. We climbed the lighthouse and enjoyed the views out to sea, and back to shore. Several of us followed a trail down to a rocky cove to try our luck at fishing. The rocks are all smoothed by the rolling seas. Someone had made a pile of the white rocks, and we added to that construction. The rocks bordering the cove were littered with Jonah crab shells and Sea Urchin tests that had been left by hungry gulls. On our ride back to shore, the wind picked up, and we were cooled by the salt spray as we plowed through the waves. This is a trip not to be missed. We were lucky with the weather and having a good group of enthusiastic hikers. The climb to the lighthouse...the highest on the coast of Maine, is not easy. We could see where recent rains had flowed down the path and made for more difficult climbing. In the picture to your right, you can see some of our campers who have climbed the lighthouse's spiral staircase and out onto the narrow platform to view the lens and shoreline beyond. The lighthouse is manned by a pair of caretakers who give short tours and explain how one light bulb can be a beacon for boaters when reflected by an amazing set of lenses.

I continue to feed my Polyphemus caterpillars and they seem to be thriving on the Maple leaves. My latest caterpillar discovery made me a bit sore. I found that the Tomato Hornworms have now attacked my tomatoes and have denuded several plants. Between these large green caterpillars and the potato beetles, my love of insects is tested. Japanese Beetles should be added to that list of unwelcome insect guests. How is your garden growing?

At Head Beach this morning, a huge van pulled in and unloaded people and props for filming an L.L. Bean commercial! They didn't ask us to pose or use the sea critters we found on our beach hunt, but look for these pictures in next spring's catalog where they advertise children's clothing and beach gear! 8/19/08 Ronnie on the go...!