The post Christmas days left us snowbound, but today I went out and hoped to brave the storms to see what happened. I drove down to Head Beach and was confronted with piles of snow and ice that made me wonder if it was possible to park and then get out! I followed the tracks of someone who appeared to have made it out, and made my way over the snow covered dunes to the beach at low tide. I spent a lot of time there since lots of shells had been left, including many live clams. The gulls were having a banquet! I even found some live Quahogs in addition to the Surf Clams. The sea had calmed down, and the sun was brilliant. Luckily, I had dark glasses to screen the beams. As you see from the picture to the left, the tide removes any snow on a beach!

In addition to the live clams, I had fun picking up multiple Sanddollars and Moon Snails. I'm sure I missed quite a few so there were more for the next hunters. I left the beach and headed onto the road that leads to Joe's Head. I almost immediately observed Porcupine tracks leading to and from a hideaway under the latrine on your right as you head north. I tried my darndest to spot the animal up in the trees nearby, to no avail. Maybe he had had his outings and was resting under the bathroom.

More tracks led me to the shoreline where I saw two boats heading out to sea, one using the channel between Gooseberry Island and Joe's Head. The boat was moving at a fast clip, probably to check out how many traps escaped the wrath of the sea. Some lobstermen do work their traps year around, but they surely have to pick their days, plus the traps are farther out to sea, and not along the shoreline. The lobsters they catch are fetching a higher price these days, and did I tell you that the lobster pound on Hermit Island is not being stocked this winter? That decision was a combination of the higher price of lobsters and some work that needed to be done on the dam that holds tidal water in the pound. I will miss watching that interesting activity.

Another hike took me into the woods where I found and counted no less than 18 deer beds scattered all over the place, usually under trees on hillsides. I didn't see the animals, though found lots of scat they left behind. Porcupines were also active, but again hidden from my view, or else I didn't look to the top of the right trees. How wonderful is the outdoors on these last days of 2010. Happy New Year, Ronnie......celebrating. 12/31/10.