All hale the Monarch, now in our midst! These migrating butterflies are back, as the Milkweed are luring them with their nectar. Pretty soon, they will mate and lay eggs, and the caterpillar watching begins! Check these out.

Also, making a beautiful statement is the Wood Lily. These flowers used to be seen on our western shoreline in good numbers, but I have not seen one in a few years. They need protection and must never be picked! Remember the poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay's advice:
The gladdest thing under the sun, is to touch a hundred flowers and not pick one! Go and do likewise.

Our week of explorations has been helped by the extreme low tides due to the new moon. We've scoured Head Beach, and later touched all bases at Totman Cove. At the latter venue we discovered a flounder by stepping on it! (no harm done!) A dead skate, left stranded by the tide and punctured by a gull, gave us a chance to see that bottom feeding fish closeup. There were lots of moon snails and hermit crabs, with clams to find under their holes. At Bountry Cove we found no less than 472 Sea Stars! There were also many Sea Urchin, so we didn't feel badly about opening one up to see its parts. Urchin are related to sea stars and have body parts in sets of 5's in common. The urchin, however, doesn't eject its stomach, but has an interesting tooth structure called an Aristotle's Lantern. Its eggs are considered a tasty treat in Japan. In the picture below, you see the opened spiny urchin, the yellow eggs, and the tooth structure to the right of a empty urchin test (its round body).

To keep in harmony with red and orange subjects of this report, I will add a picture of a recent lobster bake I witnessed over at Sebasco. Note the use of sea weed, and a moist cover, with a hot fire underneath. Is your mouth watering?!

The blueberries are ripe, and I have been enjoying that repast. My Sugar Snap Peas are pickable also, but the Brocolli and Potatoes are being attacked by caterpillars and beetles. Oh well, this is part of nature....the bitter with the sweet. That's it for now, Ronnie. 7/20/07