I hardly know where to start......there have been so many wonderful sights and encounters during the past few days. Anyone on a holiday was treated to warm and dry weather, and beautiful colors such as these. These Lupine are growing in my West Point garden and are at their peak! They are among my favorites and somehow speak of Maine. I can't take my eyes off of them, so I wanted to share them with you. If you want seeds, let me know!

The temperature hit ninety last week and people were flocking to the beaches. That doesn't mean the water is warm, but I was shocked to see a couple of swimmers that were returning from a trip to Gooseberry Island. When I first saw them out on the island, I wondered where their boat was. No boat...they braved the relatively warm waters and swam out and back. They have got to be early explorers. Here they are coming ashore!

I first saw these swimmers when I discovered some tadpoles in a pool just on the edge of vegetative growth along the rocks of Joe's Head. These are toad tadpoles that deserve watching. We have seen them here before, in fact one year we hiked past this shallow fresh water pool and observed tiny toads hopping back into the grasses that edged the rocks. It is hard to believe that this would be a safe place for toads to mate and lay eggs. I actually went back with a gallon of water since at that time we hadn't had rain, but they were still swimming comfortably.

I also had a neat walk into Totman Cove where we found lots of small live Moonsnails. We also found several live Sanddollars closer to shore than where they are usually found. We dug a few Razor Clams and found one sizable Surf Clam. Here is a handful of moons......! These grow to be the size of a large fist after feeding on each other and every other mollusk they can drill into. Some people even eat them, but I consider them too precious to be digested by humans.

This week also saw us hiking into Sprague Pond. We dodged, but explored the patches of Jack in the Pulpits, and puzzled over the disappearing Fawn Lilies and their white droppers. The Sweet Fern has made its fruit, and one hiker even dined on a Indian Cucumber Root! Those roots are edible and white, tasting like the cucumbers more commonly found in salads. Several Pickerel Frogs were active, but difficult to net as they hopped around the edges of the pond. Since it has been so dry, the waterfall was nearly a trickle. What's next? I'll keep looking........6/5/10 Ronnie on the move.