Last week's highlight was finding these two lobsters under rocks and being lucky enough to net them for a closer look. Lobsters take about eight years before they reach the size when they can be caught. During those eight years, they grow and shed their shells, more often when they are young. I figure the ones being held in the picture are about 5 and 2 years old. We enjoyed their company for a while before setting them free in the waters they love and need.

I am still watching quite a few Monarch chrysalises in hopes of their producing healthy butterflies. These pupae are hanging in a green self created case, decorated with gold "beads". I am watching to see if the green gives way to a clear view of what is going on inside.....the formation of wings, head, tongue, antennae and abdomen..all well decorated in orange and black patterns. We had a slow start for Monarchs, but I am finding more caterpillars these days which bodes well for their migration in the coming weeks.

A Monarch emerged yesterday, in all its glory! I waited until its wings expanded and hardened to make flight possible. I tagged a hind wing so that if it is found on its migration route, the route will be recorded by Monarch Watch, an organization that distributes the tags stationed out in Kansas. This butterfly emerged at about noon, and I placed it out on a Geranium where it spent the night, even surviving some showers. Now it has taken off, and may land in your yard, hopefully for a brief stay before heading south.

8/24/10 Ronnie, the Monarch and Lobster watcher!