Do you recognize the lobster pound? Underneath the broken ice are lobsters - some are still snuggled down in a comatose state, while others have just been captured by a diver no less! Donny is in the flat bottomed boat motoring to retrieve the caged lobsters to be sorted for the market. The diver worked all of one day picking up and placing lobsters in cages, and now these crustaceans have to be prepared for selling. Inside that floating shack are Roger and Dick waiting to receive the lobsters for sorting. On this day, the temperature was in the teens, so a heater was inside that plastic tent. I took the picture to the left while standing on the dam that creates a relatively secure habitat for holding lobsters.

To the right you see Donny arriving with a cage of lobsters captured (picked up!) by the diver. These lobsters were alive but not kicking - still showing the affects of the icy water.

I had the privilege of getting a ride out to the floating work station to watch the sorting. There were some dead lobsters, partially eaten. Some had lost their rubber bands, and needed to have them replaced. Though not very active, the lobsters were placed in plastic containers and tied overboard in preparation for shipping. In the picture to the left and below, Roger and Donny are sorting the lobsters and weighing them.

I will try to get back to show the diver at work next week. These lobsters should be quite marketable since the seas have been uninviting in recent days. Most lobster boats are staying in port. This is the whole purpose of keeping lobsters in a pound - to hold them for a rise in demand when they are less available. It is not a task without worry and risk. At this time of year, these lobsters are inactive and not feeding. You may not see the bubbles, but the water is being monitored and aerated. Chris has had a full time job to see birds and mammals don't dine on these marketable lobsters.

The lobsters will be caught and sold as the demand dictates. Eventually toward the end of March, the cove will be drained, and all hands will work to pick up any lobsters still hidden.
2/9/07 Ronnie at the pound