RAIN, ICE OR SNOW: Take your pick!
In case you were wondering, yes, we were without power for a couple of days after the ice storm. Being without power while the temperatures outside dropped into the teens, is definitely a wake up call. We are SO dependent on electricity. Just being confined to a cold house is tough for me to take, but I did take a hike into the Center Pond trails without difficulty. For the days inside, I was wearing about 4 layers and a hat and coat all the time. I slept by the wood burning stove once we got that going, feeding it wood to keep producing some heat. (The stove is in the kitchen, by the way!). I tried to read, but it was hard turning pages with mittens on. We had saved some bottled water after the last warning of power outages, but were running out. Mind you, we were with showers, flushing toilets, dishwashing water and all plants inside were vulnerable from the cold. Some of our neighbors had generators that hummed a merry tune to restore their lights. The days are so short anyway, that we were trying to eat dinner at 4 while it was still light. The ice cream melted in the refrigerator, but most foods seemed to survive since it was cold inside whenever I opened the door. The poor cat was getting unusually affectionate in her attempt to find warmth. She sat on my lap under a quilt, which is not her cup of tea. So we survived, though our TV and computer hookup will take longer. Patience, they say, is a virtue and I'm learning I don't have much of that. By the way, we even drained some of our pipes in worry about their freezing.

This morning, it is in the upper thirties and supposed to be warm outside. As for me, I need a shower and swim, indoors of course. The ice and snow have almost disappeared with this morning "heat wave". Christmas is on the doorstep, and I'm not ready. We will try to have our regular Wednesday Walk, but it is supposed to snow again by then. At least we haven't had to plow, as yet. There are still families without power, so I think we are relatively lucky. Quite a few sought shelters from the cold, but we stuck it out. By the way, the icicle picture you see was taken on the Center Pond hike. My batteries ran out, before I could get more.

We had a windy and somewhat rainy Wednesday walk on the north end of the island last week. It was a very low tide and the waves washed back and hit each other. I wonder if you can detect which beach this slicker clad hiker is exploring?

We did have a balmy but windy day sandwiched in between the ice and now snow storms. I made my way out to Bald Head and had a few exciting finds and encounters. I was hiking between 3 and 4 o'clock and came upon a place where for the past two years I had found owl feathers. Lo and behold, there they were again! It must be a spot where owls frequent, in fact on my way out in the dark I could have sworn that I heard an owl's call. Equally exciting was discovering some activity in a fresh water pond out near the point. I saw something swimming, thinking it first was a muskrat. Then, wham! a tail splashed and I realized it was a beaver! I watched it swim and splash again as darkness overcame the scene. All of this was even more surprising since I detected no lodge or chewed vegetation. Maybe the animal just set up housekeeping. I shall keep an eye on the activity of yet another large rodent in our area. I imagine he found this site by coming by sea! 12/17/08 Ronnie in snow and ice country.