It is now 2008, and I celebrated by a two hour walk on the freshly snowed upon campground. This was what I saw as I approached Head Beach. The tides are not extreme, so there is more snow left on the beach, but everything was coated with snow...the fence, the shrubs, the trees, the rocks, you name it! It couldn't have been more beautiful. The sun would occasionally poke through the clouds and the snow sparkled in response. It was a feast for my appreciative eyes!

Since I beat everyone out with an early start, only animals preceded me. Deer tracks were everywhere and seemed to seek out every evergreen branch to munch and every apple tree that might still have a fruit to eat. I saw where birds had landed in the snow leaving patterns of wings spread to absorb the impact. Mice tracks left delicate tracings which intermingled with snow balls that rolled down inclines leaving trails. There were fox tracks too, but I saw no signs of their catching rodents. I made my way through the trails and camp sites over to the Lily Pond which was frozen as expected. This picture on the right shows the edge where Roger has inserted posts to line the shoreline. I wondered if the ice could take my weight, and was assured when I saw deer tracks on the far end where they had taken a short cut.

In this picture on the left, you can appreciate how the trees were holding the snow creating a festive scene. The mound of the beaver lodge is covered with snow, and uninhabited as far as I know.

I continued my trek in the snow that reached the top of my boots. I had heat pads in my shoes to keep the toes warm, though I have to say it was quite comfortable with almost no wind.

We are expecting more snow later today, and I wonder where it can be put. The plows have done a good job, but they have left huge piles everywhere. The snow didn't deter the ice fishing on Center Pond. When I drove south on 209, cars were parked everywhere possible to access the ice for fishing. I will have to check out that activity in the days to come. It looked like a celebration on ice, and I am sure there were a few toasts being made out in the huts set up for comfort.

I wish every one a Happy and Peaceful New Year! Stay warm......I'm trying to! 1/1/08 New Yeared Ronnie, in the snow.