From turtles, I am back to flying insects. I found another Cecropia Moth at the campground, and brought it home to share with a friend who wanted some pictures of her own. While waiting to pass the beautiful moth on, eggs were laid; so I have more caterpillars to raise, hopefully. Just as I was admiring the moth and its activity, I noticed that I had a butterfly freshly emerged from its chrysalis. Remember my finding a strange looking caterpillar that looked like some kind of animal dropping? Well, that larva changed into the chrysalis resting stage that looked as weird as did the caterpillar. But yesterday, out came a beautiful White Admiral butterfly! According to my reference books, this was one of three butterflies that might develop from the caterpillar. I had never witnessed this transformation before, so you know I was ecstatic! In the picture to the right, this page from my Caterpillar book shows the three butterflies that might develop from the caterpillar I found.

The Rugosa Roses are now in full, glorious bloom. The bees are busy visiting this large open flowers, advertising their ware. The green foliage is a dark, vibrant green which adds to the attraction. I also enjoy watching the buds open. I don't see butterflies visiting these beckoning flowers, and I wonder why. I've observed the Milkweed plants sending up numerous shoots, and soon they also will be open and attracting insects.

We continue to have more rain than campers appreciate. There were four inches of rain on Friday, can you believe it? Yesterday was clear enough that I was able to post my first schedule of walks for this camping season. I look forward to extremely low tides toward the end of the coming week. I don't have to have sun, but let's hold off with the rain, Mr. Weather Maker.

These kids from the Phippsburg 5th Grade celebrated the end of the school year with an outing at the campground. I joined them on the shoreline for a sea life hunt. I wonder if you can recognize where we staged this hunt. This should be a real test of how well you know the island! It is not the usual site I like to explore, but we found several small lobsters, green crabs (one with orange eggs), mud worms, mussels, and snails. We had to work fast because the tide was coming in!

6/21/09 June is busting out all over Ronnie!