Hats off to some of our first swimmers of the season! These two brave souls waded right into water below 50 degrees, and actually stayed a while! It was Memorial Day weekend and up here it was cool and damp, not exactly the kind of day for a swim, but these swimmers were sticking to a tradition the family has held for some time. I didn't join them, but saluted their wet efforts. I proceeded on to check the toad tadpoles who had lots of mosquito larvae to feast upon. Actually, there haven't been too many of those insects so far, but I'm not holding my breath!

The beach was lined with flowering Beach Peas, providing good color both with the green foliage and the pink flowers. Those blossoms will go on to produce little pea pods filled with edible peas. They are tasty raw but you'd need a lot to put on your dinner plate.

If you hike into the Center Pond trails, you will now find a myriad of Pink Ladyslippers. Before they were in full pink bloom, I counted over 100! These flowers attract Bumblebees which sometime get stuck in the flower. If they emerge, they rub pollen against the receptive pistils and a seed pod may develop. These seeds are minute, and not edible if you are lucky enough to find them.

Let's see, what else is blooming? Indian Cucumber Root, Canada Mayflower, and oodles of Buttercups! But I have to tell a non-flower story about a moth. I had a Cecropia Moth emerge after spending the winter in its cocoon tucked away in my garage. It was a huge female, and since its emergence, another female has appeared, but I've only one more cocoon that better have a male, or they are out of luck! I have them all in a netted container placed near an open window in hopes of attracting another one flying around the landscape. These moths only live to mate and lay eggs (if female), so I don't have to feed them or give them a drink. I'll let you know what happens in the next few days. Keep your fingers crossed that a male makes an appearance! The sun has finally made an appearance, and we've had warmer days for swimming. I still haven't taken the plunge, outside that is! 6/1/11 June is busting out all over Ronnie!