FALL FROLICKING...Fall in Maine means purple asters like you see here. They are everywhere as uninvited but charming guests. They line the roads, and accent your weedy gardens with a purple bounce that delights the eye. Why do they wait until Fall to make an appearance? Maybe, by waiting, they assume center stage without competition from other bloomers.

Another fall flower has burst into bloom in the woodlands. The Witch Hazel's wispy blossoms are now making a less dramatic statement, but inspiring all the same. These small flowers, if fertilized, will produce a hard seed pod. Seeds will be shot from the open pod when mature, like black bullets. All this will come later, out of the pocket of a magical plant. Wonders never cease!

I have some catching up to do on the subject of beaver. You see a captured one in a trap. I wrote about this rodent earlier in the summer when my brother's road culvert kept getting plugged by this animal. It took nearly two months of patient waiting, unplugging, and finally the small beaver was caught. The animal trapper followed the edge of the wetlands and found a hole where the beaver had dug temporary housing. He set the trap nearby, hoping that after a night of damming, the animal would get careless and enter the trap. That is what happened. Instead of getting caught where he was busy plugging the culvert, he stepped into the trap on his doorstep. The animal was later moved to an area where there was a welcome mat. So that ends the tale of this unusually tailed creature. Check back to the earlier link to see what preceded this event ( Beaver)

I just came back from a 3 hour Fungi Foray over in Harpswell! I mean to tell you, we had some great fun looking for, and finding, unusual mushrooms in the woods. I must have been with a laughing group cause there was a lot of joviality going on as we searched out fungi of all sorts. My favorite was a clump of Lepiota, happily growing on a pile of wood chips. Then there were the "Jelly Babies" or Green-headed Jelly Clubs. Both are shown below:

So, from flowers to rodents to fungal fancys, this has been an interesting week out on the trails.

10/3/04 Ronnie, on the lookout for the unusual.