Our final days of the summer season turned up some amazing discoveries. The highlight had to be our flashlight hunt. There were some busy campers with nets that captured nearly a dozen Pipefish, Sand Shrimp, small fish and get this……SQUID! These were small creatures as seen in this sort of blurry picture to the left. We also saw them change to the color white and emit ink! A tiny inch long lobster was also netted, as if we needed any more excitement.
After looking all summer, we finally found the molt of an Asian Shore Crab in the bathtub! These had been seen other years in few numbers, but it appears their presence is not increasing. Here is one, so you will know if you see another.

We had a great hike to Sprague Pond, and a few campers couldn't resist a dip in that beautiful fresh water pond. Enroute to the pond, we found the usual frog menagerie, including Pickerel frogs, Green frogs and Peepers. Despite all the dry weather we have been having, these frogs were all found in the woods along the trail!

Our week also included a great talk on farming Oysters by Dana, from the Darling Marine Laboratory. Afterwards he and Chris took us for a Mud Ramble down at the lobster pound. Chris is trying to farm his own crop of oysters and shared his efforts. We dug in the mud and turned up a nice assortment of crabs, small lobsters, worms and even razor clams. Anemones were hanging from the structure of the dam, left high, and somewhat dry, by the tide.

The final hikes of the regular summer season benefited from extremely low tides. Unfortunately, my camera slipped out of my pocket into a tide pool, so digital pictures will be hard to come by for awhile. The campground will be filled next week with students from Waldorf schools. They come to study the marine environment, and I always enjoy their approach to learning. The Kelp Shed will be turned into a classroom, along with lectures at the pavilion! With almost 150 students climbing and exploring the rocky coast, there may be some interesting discoveries. These students are seniors in high school. 9/5/07 A quieter Ronnie.